Hello folks! I am Bipasha Zaman, the voice of RecentDrone. Writing and sharing my ideas has always been and is my favorite hobby. The internet has provided me with a corner where I try my level best to share the data, learnings, and introspections that I gather from the internet. 

RecentDrone is an online platform where my ideas and understandings get shaped into words. Not only does it amuse readers with wonderful pieces of writing but also the research and development information on leading events like business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, and society. 

For me, being updated with the events and happenings within and outside boundaries is very important as a human being. Therefore, the blog also has a news section to enhance one’s wisdom. RecentDrone was started in early 2020 to provide knowledge to people across the world. 


Besides being an epitome of all happenings around the world, the idea and knowledge of business remain restricted to few people. Therefore, I try to gather and share information on businesses currently prevailing, their success formula, how one can start a small business, and other inputs on Advertising, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, and Retail businesses. And then share this knowledge with my audience. 


I have always been fascinated by machines and their workings. I also love to collect information on the latest updates, developments, and upcoming works on gadgets. Moreover, I like to share these inputs through my blog. 


Entertainment is what keeps me alive, mindful and enthusiastic. I love enriching my knowledge of the latest entertainment news. Through my blog, I try to share new updates and features of social media sites, games, comics, movies, and even the biographies of actors and actresses too. 


I love exploring new places, trying new things, and researching things that I didn’t know existed. Therefore, this category of my blog is dedicated to things that make life easier. 


You, me and every other living being comprises society. As a human, it should be a prime consideration for us to inform, warn and protect one another from mishaps. This small section is dedicated to some laws, help, techniques, and other information that would help and guide readers on various topics. 


I love being updated with the occurrences of the world. I also think every human should take out some time from their busy schedule to read about the happenings around them. This section will serve to provide such knowledge.