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This official website concerns its users’ privacy who visit this site. All types of information that users provide on this site are perfectly secure. As every user wants their information to be secure, the privacy policy of this site makes sure to do so. The information that we collect on this site is very limited to provide our users with what they search for. This policy may change after some time and if so we will get you informed on this website. 

Information Collected On This Website:

RecentDrone makes sure to ask its users for the most basic pieces of information which are necessary for this site. Only these obligatory questions are asked on this website. 

Only personal information about the users is asked as it makes it easy to identify them. We are also concerned about the internet connection and how the users access it. This information is asked only when you register on this site. 

How Are These Information Collected:

The required information is collected directly from the users when they log in and register on this website and for this, there is an age limit for every user and underage people are not allowed to move further. 

These pieces of information can also be obtained automatically if any user login through an IP address or cookies. 

Use Of This Information:

The top priority of our website is to protect the information provided by our users as we know this information is very important to our clients. No third party is allowed to have any of the collected information about the users. The policy of selling or purchasing any information is very strict and we do not allow any unknown scanning facilities. 

Only authorized tools by Google are allowed to access any pieces of information like online payments about the users. 


We share some information about our users if it’s necessary. This information is shared with Google for online payments and to improve our policy. Users are asked to share their information with third parties before sharing. If any of the users don’t want to share their information with a third party they may decline. Only after that, the information is shared with any third parties. We make sure not to transfer any information about our users without their free will. 

Information provided by the users on this website is shared with other sites for advertisements. Any information shared with a third party by the users is taken care of by their privacy and policy. For these sites’ privacy and policy, we are not responsible. However, any information shared by RecentDrone is not shared with anyone. Any information shared on this site is only used by this site for business purposes. 

We make sure to keep our users personal and public information secure and prevent it from any unlawful activity. 


Like other websites, RecentDrone also uses cookies for a better experience for its users. Permission from the users is taken through a pop-up option before doing so. Cookies help in the proper functioning of the website so that users can have a better experience while using this site. It also accesses the way the users are using this site. However, we do not provide any personal information about our users to cookies. 

If any user does not want to use cookies they can disable them. However, doing so will affect some of the features you are using. Some features will not appear if cookies are disabled. 

Information Shared By This Website:

We make sure not to share any of the personal information about our users with anyone. However, there are certain situations in which we share your information with others. They are:

With User’s Concern:

We do not share any personal information of our users without their concern. We only share any after taking the permission from the user. We let them choose if they want to share their personal information with anyone else. 

For External Affairs:

Users’ information is very important to us and so we make sure to keep it safe with us. However, some information is shared with our trusted business partners or with a third party only after asking our users. 

For Legal Purpose:

Any information can be shared if there is any legal necessity. This legal purpose includes government requests, any violation, for scam and safety purposes and to protect the users’ rights and safety. 

Children Protection Policy:

There is a certain age limit for using this website. Before login into this site, we ask the age of the users and if they are found under age the site does not allow them to go further. Children are not allowed to access this website to protect their privacy and safety. 

These are some of the most basic information about the privacy and policy of RecentDrone. For further information, you can visit its site. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it will be very informative to you.