Action camera head mount is one of the vital elements of clicking the perfect shots. Photographs and Videos make us capture moments we feel the most alive. A camera plays a vital role in capturing these favorite memories and activities. Besides the camera, a great mount is necessary for clicking those pictures from the appropriate angles and heights. 

A mount provides an easy solution to keep your hands free during the whole capturing of the footage. Thereby, giving you the much deserving time to enjoy and focus on the instant rather than constantly struggling with holding the camera. 

Moreover, it ensures the camera’s safety and security as well. This article right here will help you access the necessary information regarding the available mounts and the top action camera head mount with features. 

What Are The Different Types Of Body Mounts Options Available In Action Cameras? 

The various types of available body mount options that help in providing great assistance to your action cameras are as follows:

1. Action Camera Body Mount:

Being a chest mount harness, the action camera body mount provides a more stable and comfortable capturing option. 

2. Mask Mount:

As the name suggests, a mask mount is a mask-shaped mount worn closer to the eyes. This mount provides you with a better and more immersive capturing option than the body mount. 

3. Magnetic Mount:

This all-in-one mount consists of two magnetic parts that assist you in clamping the camera with nearly every clothing piece including caps and bags. Thereby making it a handier camera mount choice.

4. Action Camera Head Mount:

Accompanied with a strap, the action camera head mount assists you in capturing from a great height and angle. 

5. Hand And Wrist Mount:

Providing a much-focused view with ease of adjustment, hand and wrist mounts are undeniably the easiest camera mount option. 

6. Helmet Mount:

Helmet mounts record the footage of the activity exactly as you’re seeing. It also provides you with different options to adjust the height of the camera. 

7. Bite Mount:

Bite mounts are a convenient option while doing activities that require both hands such as surfing, parachuting, cycling, and others. 

8. Shoulder Mount:

Shoulder mount provides an easy solution to the limited view of body mount by attaching the camera to your shoulders. 

Why Choose The Action Camera Head Mount Option? 

A head mount is a great choice when looking for capturing the footage with a first-person’s view. Accompanied with fully adjustable straps, it provides an easy solution to resize and locate it as per the demand of the view. 

Moreover, the action camera head mount provides a much wider perspective of the footage. Secured around the head, it leaves both your hands idle to do the work/activity which makes it a convenient option. 

Some Top Choices For Best Action Cameras Head Mount With Features

If you have been facing difficulties in finding a good head camera mount, then here are some excellent options you can consider. 

1. SABRENT Action Cam Head Strap Camera Mount:

SABRENT Action Cam Head Strap Camera Mount

Assisted with rubber inserts and polycarbonate buckles, this adjustable nylon head mount strap gives you an excellent chance to capture the footage without worrying about its safety and security. 

The SABRENT action camera head mount is designed to fit perfectly on every size of the head and/or over helmets, thereby giving a perfect angle to your action camera. Its compatibility with every size of action camera makes it a handier choice among other alternatives.

Furthermore, its system includes a  quick-release feature which makes the camera removing task easier when done with shooting. So, what are you waiting for? Accelerate your creative filming journey with this now! 

2. Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest Mount Harness for GoPro Camera:

If you’re looking for a mount that can assist you in recording the adventure you’re participating in, Amazon’s basic adjustable chest mount will be the most appropriate choice. 

Unlike the head mount, this chest harness provides a new perspective than the usual top view. The straps are totally adjustable and can be used as an action camera head mount as well. 

Its compatibility with nearly every GoPro camera makes it a convenient choice to capture while engaging in most activities like rafting, skiing, mountain biking, and others. Moreover, it has an integrated quick-release buckle design to facilitate easy attachment and removal of the camera. 

3. TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap:

TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap

The next on our list is the TEKCAM action camera head mount with completely adjustable straps to fit all sizes of heads. The straps are made with high-quality material to facilitate durability. Its padded mount ensures comfort during those long video shoots.

Moreover, its compatibility with major famous cameras makes it even more exciting. Designed with a quick-release feature, this action camera head mount offers easy attachment and removal from the mount. Thereby, making it easier to record videos of first-person sights even during intense activities. 

4. VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Kit:

This versatile hands-free VVHOOY kit includes a chest harness, head mount, and a selfie stick to provide you with a unique capturing experience. The chest mount comes with a J-hook buckle to add stability while recording. 

Furthermore, the action camera head mount is modifiable to fit all heads with ease. It can be worn backward as well to capture the scene behind you.

Being equipped with both a tripod mount adapter for steady footage and an extendable selfie stick for hard-to-reach shots, it assists users in recording professional-quality shots. 

5. Sametop Head Mount Kit:

The Sametop kit comes with both a head and chest mount harness to record a distinct view of the footage. The head mount is compatible with all GoPro and other action cameras to facilitate easy capture of adventures. Both mounts are entirely adaptable to fit all sizes comfortably. 

The kit comes with an authentic guarantee of 2 years, thereby, giving you a secure mount choice. Moreover, the action camera head mount has a quick-release attachment which features easily on and off of the camera. 

No matter if you’re skiing or wakeboarding, this strap is an ideal choice for most adventures and activities. 

What Are The Things To Consider Before Selecting An Appropriate Head Mount For Your Action Camera? 

Choosing the right head mount for your action camera might be a complex task given a variety of incredible options. So, to ease this difficulty, we bring to you the top things you should consider before selecting one. 


The first thing to look for in a mount is its compatibility with different cameras, especially the ones you own and the ones which you wish to own. 


Most mounts come with a warranty period which facilitates the easy exchange of the product in case of issues. Do check and read the warranty carefully before purchasing an action camera head mount

Size and Weight:

The next thing to consider is the size of the mount and its weight. Try to keep a balance between the size and weight of the mount. The last thing you want to buy is a mount only to find out that it is heavier and more difficult to keep it stable for you. 

Waterproofing and Adjustability:

Buying a mount that offers an easily adjustable option and a waterproof facility is a smart and safer choice. A waterproof facility helps to ensure the safety of the mount during accidental spills or a period in liquid. 


If you’re buying it with the perspective of making the most use of the mount, then you must purchase the mount that is made up of tough materials. This will be helpful in the longer run alleviating you from the trouble of purchasing an action camera head mount over and over again. 


The last thing to consider is the cost of the model. Do not go all in for expensive brands. Explore all kinds of mounts and find the most appropriate one that suits both your needs and pocket. Checkout discounts and promotions to save some money. 

Final Words:

No matter if you’re looking for a mount that is handier in taking excellent shots during the exploration of the countryside, going on adventures, or simply surfing, an action camera head mount suffices all your needs. It helps you capture all the memories with perfect angles and heights. We hope you found something useful in this guide.