Millions of Americans have an alcohol addiction. While some people choose to just stop drinking by themselves, others have reached such a stage that doing that could be very dangerous. That’s because the body may develop a physical dependence on it, and the withdrawal symptoms could be dangerous, even fatal. That’s why there must be detox centers. People can look up “Alcohol Detox in Nashville, TN” if they are in the area. 

What can be expected if one attends a detox center? Here are a few things. 

The Beginning

When people come to a detox center for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), they will start exhibiting withdrawal symptoms. This is usually for the person who drinks heavily every day. The symptoms will typically show up between 6-24 hours after their last drink, which can happen even if there’s alcohol still in their bloodstream. 

The staff at the detox center will be on the lookout for signs of alcohol withdrawal like anxiety, delirium tremens (which can show itself as restlessness, and people can even have hallucinations or seizures), trouble sleeping, shakiness in the hands, and nausea, among other things. 

There will be an intake exam, which will include things like bloodwork and tests that will gauge the physical and mental health of each attendee. They may be prescribed medication that will help them manage any withdrawal symptoms. 


At these detox centers, part of the next step is to rehabilitate the attendees. It might be combined in one program or they may have to go to another center. Whatever the case, the people in charge at the detox center will usually only approve once the person is past the withdrawal stages of alcohol dependence. 

During the rehabilitation stage, people will go to meetings and also do activities to help them keep themselves busy. They might learn a new craft, like painting, for example. This will help them express their feelings while also giving them an outlet to forget about wanting to drink. These activities often let the people doing them be present in the moment and not be thinking about anything but what they are doing. 


One of the best things that people can do is attend meetings like Alcohol Anonymous. It allows them to listen to other people who have been through the same thing. The meetings are judgment-free and the people who attend them might form bonds with others that allow them to navigate the sometimes murky waters of alcohol recovery. They can find people that they can reach out to if they feel like they are about to slip up. 

People who need to drink to feel like their regular selves have a problem, one that could wind up causing major liver damage and even failure. It’s important to get off drinking for their health and also their everyday interactions with others. This is where detox comes in.

Alcohol addiction can be hard to break, especially given how readily available it is. With the right support system, though, it can be easier. Then they will find that they are on the road to recovery — a road that they walk for the rest of their lives.