Whether you live near the beach or just want to bring the coastal living feel into your space, you can achieve your goals with the right ideas and guidance. The coastal farmhouse aesthetic has made a comeback, and we are here for it! If you are new to this aesthetic, it blends traditional farm life with carefree coastal living.

Whether you’re renovating your home, building a new house, or just looking to incorporate aspects of design elements, we have you covered.

What is the Coastal Farmhouse Style?

The coastal farmhouse aesthetic resembles the modern farmhouse style, but they are not the same. The coastal farmhouse aesthetic is heavily influenced by coastal elements like coastal color schemes and natural elements.

While this aesthetic is mostly found in homes near the ocean, it can bring a nautical flair to any farmhouse. Here are some practical ways to incorporate this aesthetic.

1. Keep it light and airy

The first and easiest way to adopt the coastal farmhouse feel is to make your home light and airy. You can play with the surfaces in your home and ensure the space is as bright as can be. By painting your walls white and having large farmhouse windows, you can allow a lot of light in during the day, making it more airy and light.

2. Get French-inspired bistro chairs

Consider bringing the seaside to your space if you’re going for a coastal vibe. So, snag some French-inspired bistro chairs when adding coastal design elements to your kitchen or dining area. You can place them around your breakfast bar, where you can enjoy them as you play online blackjack real money games and enjoy your breakfast.

The rattan frames on the chairs will bring a stunning coastal element in a classic and effortless way. Consider accompanying the chairs with farmhouse-inspired wooden pieces and light pendants to bring it all together.

3. Adorn your space with rustic decor pieces

Your coastal aesthetic is incomplete if you don’t have some rustic pieces in your home. So, prepare to hit the local antique stores and flea markets. After all, a well-executed coastal farmhouse aesthetic blends rustic, warm, and vintage with bright, light, and airy. Begin with getting several rustic pieces. Once you have the foundation covered, add things like accessories to balance it out.

4. Go natural

The relaxed look is the stamp of authenticity of a coastal farmhouse’s interior. Because natural elements feed into the coastal farmhouse feel, embrace buying natural pieces for your home. When shopping for this new style for your home, don’t forget to include seagrass, natural wicker, and rattan bins and baskets as storage solutions for toiletries, toys, shoes, etc.

Put your beachcombing skills to good use by gathering driftwood, sea glass, shells, and other beach treasures. Arrange your finds in hurricane lamps or clear glass bowls scored at the local dollar store. You could even add some hemp rope to your setup, instantly achieving an effortless coastal vibe.

Lastly, if you find beautiful reclaimed wood furniture at your thrift store and it is too dark for this feel, you can always get it repainted in white for the perfect rustic look.

5. Add some texture to plain walls

Some people like demure wallpaper, while others like brightly-colored walls. A coastal farmhouse is incomplete without some texture. You can use paint or decor to add dimension to your walls and bring out the aesthetic’s carefree aspect. The textures on the wall will also contrast perfectly with the other brightly-colored walls in the room.

6. Add vintage gems whenever you can

Coastal interiors can sometimes be very modern, but if you want to give it a farmhouse look and feel, you can get away with adding a few vintage gems to your space. Therefore, consider shopping around for some statement vintage pieces. For instance, pair a vintage chaise lounge with a crisp white coffee table to bridge the gap between farmhouse chic and beachy.

7. Add some blue

Your decor cannot be coastal if there is nothing inspiring water. Add a touch of blue to your space to pull off the coastal farmhouse aesthetic. You will have better results with different hues of blue, which work beautifully with white and cream elements. Use blue to soften your space or highlight various aspects of your house.

8. Mix and match

Another way to effortlessly achieve the coastal farmhouse aesthetic in your home is by mixing and matching your decor pieces. The farmhouse and coastal aesthetics borrow from nature, so the best approach is to keep everything balanced. For example, you could pair woven coastal decor pieces with barnyard paintings.

When paired with photographs of fields and flowers, nautical decor brings the coastal farmhouse feel to life. Another example is framing a picture of your favorite beach spot in a distressed wood frame.

Take away

If you are a fan of home improvement content, you have witnessed the resurgence of the coastal farmhouse aesthetic. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to create a sanctuary for yourself. These eight tips will get you started if you want to give your home a coastal farmhouse feel. Which trick was your best?