The best way to store green coffee beans has always been a crucial topic for coffee producers, traders, retailers, and even coffee lovers. To keep your coffee bean fresh and delicious for a long time, store them in dark, dry places that don’t get too much sunlight. It’s essential to keep them away from light and heat, as these can harm the flavor and aroma of coffee beans. Therefore, storing green coffee beans in multi-layered hermetic bags is the best way to keep them fresh for a long.

These days, many coffee beans are sold in reusable airtight bags. While storing green coffee beans in these bags is an excellent way to keep them fresh for a long time, you must also avoid placing them in the fridge or freezer or under direct sunlight.

Instead, you must store them in hermetic storage bags in a cool and dark place. This will help you preserve coffee bean longer and maintain their aroma and freshness for a more extended period.

Read along to learn more about best practices in coffee bean storage and how you can enjoy your coffee fresh and aromatic forever:  

1. Use Multi-Layered Hermetic Coffee Storage Bags: 

If you’re looking for the most effective way to store your green coffee beans, you should use multi-layered hermetic coffee packaging bags. The main reason for this is to keep moisture, oxygen, and fungi from destroying the beans.

They’re 500 times more airtight than plastic bags, which makes them the perfect choice for storing coffee. In addition to keeping the beans fresher, these bags also help prevent oxidation and quality deterioration. 

These high-quality coffee bags are waterproof and usually lined. Although they’re more expensive, they also help preserve the freshness of the coffee much more effectively than other materials. The multi-layered bags have been specifically designed for storing green coffee beans.

In addition to their long-term storage abilities, you can also use them for sampling purposes. These bags can be incredibly convenient and are available in a variety of sizes. 

In addition to being multi-layered, there are a number of other advantages of this type of packaging. The high-quality material used in multi-layered hermetic coffee bags is a key component of their superiority.

And this isn’t just because of its durability, but because the multi-layered hermetic coffee storage bags are more secure than their plastic counterparts. They are durable, reusable, and provide excellent protection for green coffee beans. 

2. Store Green Coffee Beans in a Cool & Shaded Place: 

When you’re preparing to store your coffee bean, you must ensure they are protected from light, heat, and moisture. Coffee beans are sensitive to these factors, so you must avoid storing them near windows and other areas with low ventilation.

To prevent this, you should place your coffee bean in a cool, shaded place away from the window. If you want to preserve coffee beans, it’s essential to store them in a hermetic storage bag, as heat and sunlight can ruin their freshness. 

3. Maintain the Right Temperature:   

The air temperature has a lot to do with the way coffee bean will taste. Compared to cooler air, warmer air contains more water vapor. As a result, many coffee experts recommend that you store your beans at room temperature, ranging between 60- and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freezing or refrigerating your beans will reduce their freshness and suck up the flavor and aroma. The coffee specialists do not recommend storing green coffee beans in the freezer. 

If you want to preserve coffee bean for long, get good quality hermetic coffee packaging bags right now! 

4. Keep the Green Coffee Beans Away from Insects: 

Pests that commonly infest coffee bean includes the Coffee Berry Borer Beetle (CBB), which tunnels into the fruit and lays its eggs inside it. Many other common pests can compromise the quality of the beans post-picking, and the presence of rodents may raise health concerns. In addition, an improperly stored green coffee bean can become infested with fungus. 

Conventional burlap and jute bags are prone to pest infestation. Although some producers use pesticides to prevent the problem, hermetic bags offer superior protection. These bags have nine layers, ensuring that the coffee beans do not lose their flavor or aroma.  

5. Avoid Exposure to Oxygen:  

Oxygen is bad for the coffee bean’s flavor and quality. It reduces the desirable flavor of the coffee bean while creating an unfavorable taste. Oxidation results in browning, staining, and other unpleasant effects. Exposure to oxygen damages the soluble flavor compounds in coffee, which give it its unique flavor.

This process isn’t harmful to coffee and can ruin the taste. When coffee is exposed to oxygen, it undergoes oxidation similar to that of metal. Preserving coffee beans in multi-layered airtight coffee packaging bags is highly advisable.  

6. Do Not Store Green Coffee Beans for More Than 1 Year:  

Coffee can last a long time if stored properly. Coffee beans should still have a greenish hue so that the aroma remains pleasant. If the beans begin to show mold spores, become hard, or smell musty, they are probably bad. Because green coffee beans are still a delicate product, storing them for more than a year can diminish the quality.

Some roasters order more than they need, and those extra beans are stored for a longer period than they were intended. The traders have to shift their stocks around, resulting in a lower-quality roast and brew. 

Key Takeaways:  

The four biggest enemies of coffee beans are air, heat, light, and moisture. You can use hermetic coffee packaging bags to store your coffee bean. This is the best way to store green coffee beans and protect them from the enemies mentioned above. To use your coffee beans to the fullest, you must store your bags shaded from direct sunlight.  

When storing green coffee beans for long, they need to be kept out of the sunlight to maintain their freshness and aroma. Extra effort is required in order to keep moisture away from coffee as it can cause the bean to spoil faster than it should and create an off-odor and sour taste.

If you are a coffee lover and want to enjoy your coffee for a long, it’s advisable to store them in cold and shaded places with no direct sunlight.