For some fortunate people, either in a professional sense, a personal sense, or indeed, in both areas, they will never need to spend the morning looking for lawyers and therefore, remain blissfully unaware of the complicated differences between types of law firms. 

However, should you be in a position whereby your business needs legal representation, or else a personal matter has led to needing a lawyer, then you will save a great deal of time if you are already aware of the basics.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover four different types of lawyers and how they can help. 

1. Criminal Defense Lawyers 

Firstly, perhaps the most recognized and, indeed, most commonly used, type of lawyer is the criminal defense lawyer, who is the official representative of an individual or group accused of engaging in criminal activity. 

Typical roles and responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer include the following:

  • Representing their clients in each stage of the prosecution
  • Extensive planning, research, organization, and investigations 
  • Visiting police stations and prisons to meet with their clients
  • Drafting and submitting various legal documents
  • Establishing the strongest and most compelling accurate defense 

2. Corporate Lawyers:

Corporate lawyers, otherwise known as business lawyers, handle everything related to the business that has any association or involvement with any legal matter and can often make the difference between a company surviving and going under.

The scope of the work of an accredited and practicing corporate lawyer is impossible to summarize, but almost always involves contract negotiations, patents, matters pertaining to intellectual property, mergers, dissolution of companies, and acquisitions. 

When seeking a corporate lawyer to represent your business, it is imperative that you check the specific company has had dealings with the specific issues and legal problems your company is facing, before signing on the dotted line. 

3. Copyright Lawyers:

Intellectual property is one of the most oft-disputed and often controversial areas of modern law and as such, copyright lawyers are an invaluable ally in the fight to protect yourself and your business. Should you be looking for a reputable and renowned Los Angeles copyright lawyer, then during your research, make sure you look out for the following:

  • Tight and clear business relationships and contacts
  • The more experience the better
  • A deep working knowledge of conflicts surrounding intellectual property 
  • A pleasant yet professional demeanor in face-to-face and electronic correspondence

4. Estate Planning Lawyers:

Everything relating to probate, property rights, trusts, and wills is almost always handled, on the professional level, by an estate planning lawyer.

Such lawyers are instrumental in helping their clients to ensure any and all of their assets are handled in the exact manner in which they expect and indeed, deserve and that each and every decision is handled, advised upon, and ultimately made involving the client. 

Estate planning lawyers are often accredited on a higher level, which can also help the client immeasurably, usually either through the AEP (Accredited Estate Planner), the CTFA (Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor) or the CTEP (Chartered Trust and Estate Planner).