Pet owners care deeply about what they feed their furry companions, so it’s no wonder that more and more consumers expect high-quality treat packages. How can you make your liquid sachet packaging appealing to pet parents? Try out these seven packaging trends.

1. Portions Individually Wrapped:

Humans enjoy lots of individually wrapped food: Cheese slices, bags of potato chips and yogurt cups are just a few examples. Can pets benefit from the same packaging trends?

As it turns out, they can. Individual wrappers minimize exposure to the air, which keeps soft foods from drying out. Single-serving treats also help owners track how much their pups eat.

Finally, individually wrapped portions are great for tossing in a bag or backpack, allowing owners to bring goodies on hikes or short trips.

2. Packaging That Maximizes Freshness:

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying in bulk to save money only for the food to go bad. As a result, many pet food producers offer resealable packages. This option is especially important for “smelly” treats that lose their aroma when they dry out. The stronger a treat’s scent, the higher its “value” to dogs, so keeping these brands nice and moist is essential.

3. Containers With Personalized Touches:

Customization builds a strong connection between your brand and a product, making it an invaluable marketing tool. From the consumer’s perspective, personalized packaging trends you care about the details. Additionally, certain features, such as a clear window, may entice consumers to purchase since they can examine the product themselves.

4. Transparency in Ingredients and Production:

Pet parents care about giving their pups healthy ingredients sourced in ethical ways. Providing this information on the packaging is an excellent way to build trust and boost your reputation as a brand that values transparency.

5. Stand-Up Pouches That Capture Joy:

Stand up pouch printing is a popular approach to dog treat packaging trends, especially for larger bags that require storage. Stand-up pouches take up minimum shelf space, and their flexible form makes them easy to squeeze into small spaces. For pet owners with limited storage, that can make all the difference.

6. Designs With Strong Visuals:

Eye-catching graphics make your products stand out on store shelves. With so many gourmet dog treat brands vying for attention, manufacturers must pull out all the stops to attract consumers.

Your visuals also say a lot about your company. For example, pastels and fun shapes create an air of whimsy, while straight lines and contrasting hues promote a more serious effect.

7. Emphasis on Sustainability:

Consumers expect corporations to be environmentally conscious, and many people will pass over a brand that doesn’t act sustainably. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make environmentally friendly packaging trends:

  • Choose recycled materials
  • Utilize compostable, recyclable or biodegradable materials
  • Design the container with reuse in mind

Whether you’re producing a coffee bag with a valve or a stand-up pouch of dog treats, the packaging trends. By taking inspiration from the above trends, you can catch consumers’ attention and deliver high-quality products. Doing so can grow customer loyalty, creating a solid foundation for future product launches.