Once a revolutionary way of paying for things, debit and credit cards are now seen as old-fashioned.
As people around the world seek secure ways of making payments online, newer methods of payments have evolved — including GCash. In this article, we’ll tell you all about using the GCash payment method at online casinos so you don’t need to use a card. We’ll also give you seven alternatives if you decide GCash isn’t for you. 

How payment options have evolved at online casinos?

In the early days of online casinos, the only way you could deposit funds was with a debit or credit card. Though this was a familiar way to pay, lots of players faced security concerns and wanted to be able to make payments without disclosing their sensitive financial information.

Of course, the only alternatives back then were sending off a cheque through the post or making a bank transfer. Both of these options took a long time to be credited, but at least it meant not divulging bank card details. 

In the mid-2000s, a new type of payment came on the scene: the e-wallet. PayPal was one of the first and remains the most well-known globally. Using PayPal to make deposits meant players were able to fund their online casino accounts without giving away their card details. Following the lead PayPal set, other e-wallets came on the scene, most notably.

Neteller and Moneybookers, which is now known as Skrill. These all became attractive to online gamblers looking for additional security when making payments. E-wallets continue to be a top choice for online casino players worldwide. 

The rise of GCash:

Amid the rise of the e-wallet came the Philippines’ own creation: GCash. This was launched in October 2004 and quickly became a widely used digital payment platform in the country. GCash offers a range of payment solutions and financial services, including mobile payments, remittances and bill payments. It played an important role in financial inclusion, allowing more people to access their finances through a mobile device. 

Reliability and trustworthiness:

GCash is one of the leading mobile wallets in the Philippines and it has gained a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. Many factors have contributed to its popularity and reputation, including:

  • Regulation and compliance: GCash is regulated by BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), the Philippines central bank. This means it operates within the country’s established financial guidelines and regulations, so users can be confident in its compliance with financial industry standards.
  • Security features: GCash uses advanced security protocols and encryption to protect transactions, including PIN protection and two-factor authentication. 
  • Transparency: GCash gives users a detailed history of their transactions, which builds trust. 
  • Verification procedures: GCash makes users verify their ID to fully activate their accounts, which adds a layer of trust. 

How to choose an online casino that accepts GCash?

Just because a casino accepts GCash as a payment option, doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy as a gambling platform. Choosing a decent casino is crucial for a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. Here are some things to consider:

  • Licensing and regulation: Only choose a casino that has a valid gambling license from a reputable regulatory body. Look for licensing from the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). 
  • Security measures: Confirm that the casino employs advanced security measures such as SSL encryption. 
  • Game library: A good online casino will have a wide range of great games, including slots, table games, live dealer games and progressive jackpots. 
  • Bonuses: Evaluate the offers and promotions a casino has before you sign up. Don’t forget to read their terms and conditions to confirm that it’s really a good deal. 
  • User reviews: See what customers are saying about the casino online. If reviews are overwhelmingly negative, stay clear. 
  • Payment options: Beyond GCash, see if the casino has other acceptable methods of payments for deposits and withdrawals. This will help with flexibility. 
  • Customer support: Test how responsive the customer support team are as you never know when you might need them.

How to use GCash to play at online casinos without a card?

If you’ve never used GCash before for making an online casino deposit, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create your GCash account. If you don’t already have an account, download the mobile app and sign up. 
  2. Verify your GCash account. To be able to use GCash fully, you’ll need to complete verification. This means providing ID as per the requirements. 
  3. Fund your wallet. With your wallet set up, you’ll need to load it with funds. You can link it to your bank account or visit a physical GCash outlet and pay in cash. 
  4. Choose your online casino and register. Be sure to check out any welcome bonuses before signing up. 
  5. Go to the cashier section and make your deposit. Select GCash as your chosen payment method, enter your details and the amount you wish to deposit. Confirm your transaction. 
  6. Start playing. With funds in your account, you can start playing real-money games. 

Alternatives to GCash:

If you don’t want to use GCash, there are plenty of other alternatives. We’ve ranked them in order of preference:

1. PayPal:

PayPal is one of the world’s most popular e-wallets. You can link your account to your bank or credit card to make it easy to fund your casino account.


  • It has a high casino acceptance rate.
  • It has good dispute resolution and buyer protection. 
  • It is user-friendly. 


  • There is limited availability in some areas.

2. Skrill:

Skrill is another e-wallet. It was originally called Moneybookers. It also offers a prepaid Mastercard that you can use too.


  • It is widely accepted.
  • You can transfer funds easily.
  • It is regulated. 


  • There are account inactivity fees. 

3. Neteller:

Neteller is a popular e-wallet that has a rewards program. It is a frequently used payment method at online casinos around the world. 


  • You’re likely to find it accepted at most good online casinos. 
  • It has high security features. 
  • Its loyalty program offers cashback rewards. 


  • Some welcome bonuses are not available if you make a deposit with Neteller.

4. Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was the world’s first cryptocurrency. It was invented in 2008 and the first transactions occurred in 2009. Transactions with Bitcoin are decentralized, which means they provide a level of anonymity that traditional payment methods can’t match.

Transactions are not reversible. It can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, which provides global accessibility.


  • Extremely secure.
  • Offers anonymity and privacy.
  • Transactions are quick.


  • You might experience price volatility.

5. Ethereum:

Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency. It is known for its smart contract capabilities. This makes it useful in the gaming industry.


  • It is good for fair gaming.
  • It is decentralized and secure. 
  • Transactions are fast.


  • It isn’t as widely accepted as Bitcoin.

6. Paysafecard:

This is a physical or digital prepaid card. You can use it for online purchases, including casino deposits. You can buy a voucher from retailers such as convenience stores, gas stations and supermarkets. The vouchers include a 16-digit PIN. You don’t even need a bank account at all to use a Paysafecard because you can buy it with cash.


  • It requires no personal information to be exchanged. 
  • There are no transaction fees. 
  • It is widely accepted.


  • It can’t be used for withdrawals.

7. EcoPayz:

EcoPayz was founded in 2000. This is a virtual prepaid card and e-wallet. It is used for online transactions and offers high security. Lots of people use this option thanks to its VIP program which offers active users additional benefits.


  • It has PIN protection.
  • You can have multi currency accounts.
  • It has a loyalty scheme.


  • It isn’t as widely accepted as other payment methods.

The future of GCash as a method of payment at online casinos:

GCash is already well-established as a digital payment method for Filipino casino players. It’s expected that this payment method will expand its partnerships even further. GCash is well-suited to mobile gaming apps, which might be a key driver of its future casino success. As it gains recognition in international casinos as a preferred payment method, it is likely to become available to players in other countries too.

GCash is a potential game-changer for the future of online casinos:

As online gaming continues to thrive as a pastime in the Philippines, GCash is emerging as a game-changer. It offers players more security and flexibility than ever before. Although GCash does offer quick transactions and convenience, it’s also important to remember to approach online gambling responsibly.

This means setting budgets, monitoring spending and using the casino’s responsible gaming features to ensure that your time is well spent.