There are times when we think of a new idea to revolutionize something and most of the time we ignore the idea because it is too difficult to execute.

Not in the case of what we are going to talk about today.

Roots In Self-Publishing:

We all know how incredibly powerful self-publishing is. How you can give back power to the hands of the creators of art.

Self-publishing is the new age revolution that is impacting literature as we speak.

A reputed publisher and self-publishing company like Orange Publishers knows exactly why and how you should give back power to the people who create the art form.

They are the absolute right people to take on a venture that guarantees power to the creators.

This is exactly what gives birth to the idea of OSunoh.

OSunoh was born out of the urge to give the same amount of power and control to artists that are being given to creators of self-publishing, the authors.

There has always been an option like self-publishing for writing and OSunoh aims to be that self-publishing for artists of every kind.

Why Osunoh?

The first thing that might come to your mind when you think about OSunoh is the name. Why is it named OSunoh?

We too had the same question. Upon further research, we understood that there are different reasons for the name. There is the practical reason and the deep inner meaning.

The practical reason behind the name is simply because it is much easier to distribute audiobooks and it is much easier for people to have access to audiobooks and other mediums of audio. Audio will always be a part of the human sensory experience. 

Audiobooks and songs do not take up as much data as any video content and audiobooks can be listened to while doing anything.

Another important reason why OSunoh is being on this platform is that there has never been a rise in audiobooks in India until now.

This is the golden age of audiobooks and of audible literature in India and the folks at OSunoh understand that.

Therefore, creating a platform that is not only popular but practical was the main motif behind OSunoh.

The deep meaning behind OSunoh is much more important and that is to focus on our concentration.

We are being bombarded by information in today’s world, be it in visual, audio, sensory, and every other kind, and often times we miss the point simply because we have too much to see and feel. Too much of anything can ruin the experience.

Therefore, OSunoh is a homage to a time when people only had radios for sensory fulfillment or simply listened to one another, OSunoh fits this bill perfectly. This is also the reason why OSunoh is so much popular among everyone.

Power To Everyone:

Whenever it comes to music and audiobooks,  there are big record labels and companies that control power over this medium.

A common man and a simple small-time artist and creator can never get the chance to showcase their talent on these huge platforms.

This begs the question, should we let go of these talents simply because they do not have a platform for them?

The obvious answer at OSunoh is no, there should never be a compromise of talent due to the unavailability of the platform.

This is one of the most important reasons why OSunoh was created and that is to provide a platform to people who usually do not get the platform.

What about Video?

Creators do not need to fear about anything because like the parent company Orange Publishers,  OSunoh is an open-minded company.

It is a primarily audio company does not mean that OSunoh is not welcoming to videos.

In fact, OSunoh encourages videos of every kind from film to music videos, short films, series and everything in between. There is no restriction on talent on OSunoh.

Is It YouTube?

OSunoh is not YouTube and it neither plans to be. It does not plan to replace YouTube and there are perfect reasons for it.

OSunoh is the place that gives a platform for art and the artists and by that they utilize every platform that is available, including YouTube.

There is no exclusive content that is only available on the website. Each and every piece of content of OSunoh can be viewed on their YouTube channel which is already content-rich.

There are an increasing number of popular uploads on the YouTube channel in the form of audiobooks and from the response of the audience, it can be clear that OSunoh is destined for success.

What about Big Companies?

We will not take names but there are quite a number of big audiobook companies out there. And who presently hold the maximum power in the audiobook industry.

With this power comes a monopoly that enables them to do anything and everything they can. And since they hold so much power, nobody can question any decision they make.

What is happening during this process is that content creators are getting the smaller end of the stick every time.

They are being denied their profit percentages as these companies take a massive chunk for themselves. This is also one of the most important reasons why OSunoh is here.

It aims to be a transparent and go-to place and also a reliable partner that every content creator can trust.

Trust is a huge issue in any creative world. OSunoh aims to be that beacon of trust in this world. Where big companies dictate and push around small creators into doing whatever the big company wants.

The Future

The future of the audio industry seems excellent with companies like OSunoh. It ensures there are positive alternatives that creators can choose.

These open-minded companies like OSunoh have incredibly respectable backgrounds in literature such as the publishing industry.

This kind of respectable background makes them the perfect torch bearer for the creative world.

If you are a creator who likes to make videos as well as audiobooks. And wants to publish them officially through a reputed channel. That will take care of the copyright and will distribute the profits to you. And then we highly suggest you check out this audio-sharing platform OSunoh.

As it is in its earliest stage right now you will have the perfect moment to create an impact on the platform by being a pioneer content creator.

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