Every day, our lives are becoming busier and busier and we have a lot of professional tasks scheduled in a day just one after the other. Most of the time it gets really difficult to take care of our house. And keeping it clean is the best thing that we can do for it. R Mat Cleaner is a product of the Red-Mat industries. 

Even though it is not very old, it has gained wide popularity and is ruling the market in a very short period. It is just because it is easy to use, very affordable, and does the work very quickly. Here, you will get to know everything about this cleaner. What is it, its uses, how can you buy it, and other important tips? So remember you read it till the end.

What Is R Mat Cleaner? 

What Is R Mat Cleaner

R Mat Cleaner is one of the most easy-to-use cleaning tools for your house, you might not be aware of it but don’t worry by the end of this article you are going to buy it. Knowing how things will be easier after this. 

It closely resembles a glass cleaner but the only significant difference is that it is specifically designed to clean plastic and acrylic surfaces. Apart from that, there are a lot more functions that you can do using R Mat Cleaner. 

The best part about this cleaning tool is you can also create it yourself by using the useless stuff available in your house so that you don’t need to buy it. Creating a person cleaner is a more feasible and eco-friendly option. 

Even if you buy it from a store just make sure that you don’t use it excessively as it will damage the fabric or the plastic whatever is attached to it. Because less usage of R Mat Cleaner will give it sustainability which is best for both your pocket and environment

How to Use R Mat Cleaner

Different types of R Mat Cleaners are available in the market so you need to know the type you are going to buy depending upon their use such as hydrocarbon-based R Mat Cleaners, silicone-based ones, carbon fiber-infused ones, etc. 

So buy it accordingly. It is a chemical substance that functions by reducing the friction and whenever the friction is created it gets heated up. It lays a layer between the object and itself.

R Mat is very easy to use, all you need to do is make sure that it does not produce a lot of heat as it can damage the cleaner a moderate amount of heat is good to go, also make sure that you don’t keep cleaning continuously for minutes just try giving it a pause of few seconds in this way you can eliminate excess heat production. Selecting the type as per the use will do half of your job.

Can R Mat Cleaner Be Used At Home? 

Can R Mat Cleaner Be Used At Home

Yes, you can use it at your home for sure. By being careful with some points you can reduce the risk around its usage. First of all, you are to ensure that you are nowhere allergic to these items that it is made up of, otherwise, you can take an allergy test. 

If it shows some unusual conditions on your skin such as redness, inflammation, allergy, etc then you need to stop using it.

Next, you have to take care that it is far from the reach of children otherwise it can be very harmful to them. Also, you have to keep a check that neither of the pets swallows it. If in case it happens try inducing vomit as soon as possible. 

This cleaner is designed to clean dry mats so make sure when you start cleaning the mat is dry already. Try keeping it far from all the fire-prone areas. 

When Can R Mat Cleaner Be Used? 

It can be used anytime because it dries easily so you shouldn’t care about walking around your home. Also, it doesn’t have any residue like the other paint remover. But please make sure that you have to check it once you start using it on the entire floor. 

You can check it by using it on a small surface area. If you find that the floor is bleeding you can make it less concentrated so that it doesn’t harm the texture of your floor.

It uses clean oil marks, scuff marks on the hardwood floor drip, and scatters. It is very feasible to clean a huge dirty mess within minutes as it cleans away all the dirt making the surface shiny and clean. 

Where to Buy R Mat Cleaner

Where to Buy R Mat Cleaner

There are endless options for you to buy R Mat Cleaner you can buy it in retail and wholesale as it completely depends upon your choice. 

You can buy it from any shopping complex or a departmental store or maybe a local store in your locality. 

But if you want to buy it in bulk you can shop it at a wholesale club or a shopping outlet. Buy it online from Amazon and other major online shopping platforms. 

Buying this cleaner will save a lot of your money If it has a lot of usage for you. So if you are looking forward to buying in bulk but not online then you can ask for it locality and then connect to wholesalers.


Q1. How Much Time Will It Take To Dry? 

Ans. Most of the time it depends upon the season in which you are using it and the amount of humidity present in the surroundings but generally it takes around 2 to 4 hours of time to dry completely.

Q2. Will It Damage My Rugs? 

Ans. No, it won’t affect the quality of your rugs, rather cleaning them regularly will increase their life which will be more than usual.

Q3. Is There Any Other Way Of Cleaning Rugs Than Using A Cleaner?

Ans. Yes, you can use vinegar but only for the time being as it is not a complete substitute for cleaners.

So go and get your rugs and all the dirty surfaces clean as now your job is almost done. All you need to do is buy R Mat Cleaner and witness the magic.