The sls lifestyle is basically a Swing Lifestyle that is increasing at a fast rate in recent times. This new way of interacting with other people is not just all about being close to someone. It is about trusting them and having faith in them. This lifestyle tests the limits of the people and helps to analyze their behavior. 

This lifestyle focuses on a new kind of relationship which may sometimes be taken as a controversy by the public. To know all about this new sls lifestyle, follow this comprehensive guide. 

What Do You Understand About The SLS Lifestyle? 

The SLS lifestyle is a secure ecosystem that allows individuals and mostly couples to explore their companionship with other people. This lifestyle mainly focuses on consensual non-monogamy elements. 

This allows heterosexual couples to explore their sexuality and emotional ties with someone else while maintaining their commitment partner as a primary spouse. 

SLS Lifestyle

What Are The Major Features Of The SLS Lifestyle? 

Some major features and characteristics of this SLS lifestyle are as follows: 

  • This lifestyle has a broad sense of openness and exploration. 
  • The participants in this type of relationship focus more on their appearances and often look for casual friends. 
  • Participants of this lifestyle also attend many swinger clubs, pubs, and parties. 
  • They usually have attractive accounts on social media platforms, including dating platforms. 
  • This lifestyle can be adapted by anyone who is willing to interact with different people and is ready to welcome people of every orientation. 

Key Principle Of SLS Lifestyle:

The SLS lifestyle is based on different principles that make the lifestyle easy to adopt. It helps the individuals to collaborate with their partner and discuss the terms before indulging in any casual situations. This fosters learning and development of oneself and encourages the primary partner to trust their initial relationship. 

SLS Lifestyle


The most important aspect of this sls lifestyle is consent. Without the consent of both parties, neither of the participants will engage in any kind of sexual activity. Consent is important to take, as it involves both the parties. 


Once you decide to adapt to this lifestyle, you must take your partner’s consent and allow them your consent too for them. Moreover, always keep safety first even before engaging in sex. Always ensure that you and your casual partner are relaxed and agree on the connection. 

Mutual understanding:

In any relationship, mutual concern is a priority. In the SLS lifestyle also, this principle is necessary to adapt. Keep your communication open in every aspect with your partner. Initially, you have strong emotional feelings and trust for your primary partner.


Trust is the most important aspect of the SLS lifestyle principle. Trust establishes open communication, reliability, and honesty between the couple. It enables them to explore with a sense of security and confidence in mind. 

Origin Of This New SLS Lifestyle:

The origin of this lifestyle began in the early 20th century. It started from the era of the greatest prominence which was around the 1970s. When this lifestyle came to light, people welcomed it with lots of controversies. At first, people thought it was good for the couple to explore their sexuality. But this good thought was for only males. When it comes to women, they have another belief. 

Later, the era evolved and the belief also evolved. This led to a change in perception of people, where they welcomed this new relationship to experiment with sexuality with others, keeping one as the primary spouse. 

Benefits of SLS Lifestyle:

Following are some benefits of being in an SLS lifestyle

  • Improved communication skills.
  • Increases self-awareness.
  • Builds trust and confidence in the partner. 
  • Deeper connection with the partner. 
  • Fear of rejection decreases. 
  • Sexual orientation becomes clear. 
  • You can know more about your own body and feelings. 
  • Satisfies sexual fantasies and overcomes insecurities. 

Challenges Faced In SLS Lifestyle: 

SLS Lifestyle

The SLS lifestyle has its own benefits. But it has different cons that make it challenging for people to adopt this lifestyle. Many people feel introverted, insecure due to social stigma, and sometimes jealous. 

These feelings make them look bad, and this is what concerns them. Therefore, it is essential to know its drawbacks first and then talk to your partner. And if you feel you are ready to take a step forward, then adopt or try this lifestyle. 

What Are The Five Important Aspects Of SLS Lifestyle?

The five most important aspects of the SLS lifestyle involve boundaries, communication, consent, discretion and privacy, and safety and health. Let’s discuss all five of them briefly. 

1. Boundaries:

In this type of lifestyle, establishing boundaries is the most important step. Every couple should have certain boundaries in their relationship. Moreover, in terms of exploring sexuality, casual relationships should define their limits. 

It should exclude emotional connections, engagement, and sexual activities. This way, one can control and manage their initial relationship and other partnerships. 

2. Communication: 

Communicating effectively can be a successful step towards a happy life. To establish effective communication, one must follow open dialogue with their partner and communicate with them to know their needs, boundaries, and emotions. This must also be done within the primary relationship to maintain a healthy life with them. 

3. Consent:

As discussed above, consent is the most important aspect. It is paramount to the relationship in the SLS lifestyle. It explicitly requires the consent of your partner when you indulge in any casual relationship. Consent can be withdrawn anytime by talking to your partner whether it is your primary partner or someone else. 

4. Safety and health: 

Safety and health factors are the basics of this lifestyle. Safe sex and exploring fantasies in a safe manner is very necessary. Health concerns are important because of the sexually transmitted infections risk. Therefore, it is always recommended to use condoms while having sex with an unknown partner. 

5. Discretion and privacy:

These elements are of high value in any relationship. Partners must keep their personal information safe and not share it with others. The privacy of minute details is necessary within this lifestyle. 

Therefore, while engaging with any partner, be cautious and do not disclose all about yourself in one go. Protect yourself from fake online sites and do not disclose your personal information with them. 

The Bottom Line: 

Now that we understand what sls lifestyle is and what are the major principles of this lifestyle, talk to your partner and see what are their views and if they want to adopt this style of living at least for a try. 

The SLS lifestyle can be adopted anytime when both partners in the relationship agree to explore. This consensual act of non-monogamy helps you to experience personal growth and connection with a primary partner and someone who is ready to explore with you.


Why is SLS lifestyle non-monogamy, not polyamory?

In comparison to traditional belief, sls lifestyle is related to consensual non-monogamy. It does not involve multiple partners. It involves only a primary partner and one who is only for a limited time period. While polyamory is concerned with intimate relations with multiple partners.

Is there any age restriction for adopting a sls lifestyle?

Usually, there is no age limit on adopting this kind of lifestyle. But joining clubs, swinger parties, pubs, etc allows people of age 18+ only. The membership age may vary from place to place. It is recommended that you should try this lifestyle only after 20+ when you attain a level of maturity.

Where can I find people with a sls lifestyle?

Sls lifestyle is majorly adopted by youngsters or people of age with utmost maturity. However, you can meet people with an SLS lifestyle on online platforms like dating sites. Online communities and local meetup points can also be the source of sls lifestyle people. You can meet such people on the internet and get to know their experience.