YouTube has now become the world’s second-largest search engine. You must be familiar with this popular online video player. It can be said that you may have used this app just a few minutes or hours ago. If yes, then it is obvious that you are successful in the strong grip of this hypnotizing app.

Apart from using this app with utmost concern and enthusiasm, you may have felt some disappointments too. Most people feel this because the YouTube platform lets you watch the videos, but you can download them or convert YouTube to MP3. So, if you too are troubled with this problem, why disappoint yourself when we are here to provide you with some useful tricks and tips.

Downloading videos and audios from YouTube become difficult if you don’t have a YouTube downloader online. These applications provide you with every feature that makes your work easier. Let’s see what they are.

What Are Features of YouTube Downloader App?

YouTube downloader has numerous features to offer their users. Moreover, these excellent features help the users to know every detail of its inbuilt software.

  • Though the YouTube app allows you to stream and download videos on the app only, the YouTube video downloader online allows you to download any video on your device itself.
  • Once you download the videos on your device, you can easily share them with your friend or on any other site
  • YouTube downloaders enable the option to search for videos within the software.
  • It also promotes the remote download of videos on any other laptops by using Secure Shell Protocol. 
  • Supports any quality format or length of the video.
  • Also, it helps users to convert and extract the video files into audio format.

Top 10 YouTube Video Downloader Online Apps:

There are numerous apps designed to download videos from YouTube. Let’s have a look at the top 10 apps one by one:

1. Y2mate:

This app is considered one of the best apps for YouTube video downloader online. Y2mate has an easy-to-use interface, and people of any age group can access this app. You need to copy and paste the URL link of the video from the YouTube site to the app homepage section. And click the start option. Your video will automatically get downloaded.

2. Videoder:

Videoder is the free downloader, which can be accessed on both Windows and Androids. This amazing app enables you to download videos not only from YouTube but also from any other website. It has a special desktop version, which allows you to personalize your album of videos and audio.

3. Snap tube:

This tool is another best option to download YouTube videos, and it has a user-friendly interface, which allows you to download videos in any format and resolution. Some formats like M4A, MP4and MP3. But this app is only available for android, and you can download it via APK. 

4. Airy:

Airy is a prominent YouTube downloader online app that lets users download and convert videos into any format, whether MP4, FLV, MP3, 3GP, etc. You can download the videos and save them on your device using popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. It is available for android, windows, and Mac OS.

5. TubeMate:

Another standard YouTube downloader app, TubeMate, allows you to search and download any video and save them on your device in any resolution like 144p, 360p, or 1080p, and in any audio format.

6. YT Cutter:

It sometimes happens that you need only some specific part of the video. For those times, you can download this amazing app that lets you cut down the specific part and save them. You can download gifs too using this app.

7. VidMate:

This is another terrific app for Android. It is the platform where you can download any video from YouTube and several other websites. You can also stream online videos in HD. It has the feature to convert any resolution of video into high format audio mp3. VidMate has integrated YouTube downloaders which enables the download of videos and conversion into mp3.

8. iTubeGo:

An extensive content clutching tool that provides the users with various useful features. iTubeGo enables you to download an entire playlist of YouTube at once, without any trouble. It supports multiple downloads at a single time. On top of all this, it is available for both windows and mac. Most of its best features are available in a free version.

9. ClipGrab:

A very friendly YouTube downloader online for YouTube videos. It has the simplest and easiest use feature, which people of any age group can use. Not only does it enable the download of videos from YouTube, but also Facebook and Instagram videos. ClipGrab is the best compatible app for windows 8, 10, and 11. However, it does not support the free version.

10. 4k Video Downloader:

It is a fast processing tool that downloads many files at once. 4k video downloader is the cross-platform downloaded for Mac, Linux, and PC. It allows the users to save the whole YouTube channel or even a single video in 1080p, 4k, 360p, or 720p. This downloader facilitates you to download the subtitles and several tik tok videos.

So, these were the top 10 YouTube downloaders. So, if you want to download lagu dari YouTube, you can install any of the above-given apps and relish.

How to Download YouTube Content on Laptop Via Downloader?

There are numerous ways to download YouTube videos and audio into your device. You can download them using YouTube premium, or the best alternative is to download a downloader on your laptop and then enjoy the downloaded video and audio.

Steps To Download YouTube downloader on Laptop:

1st Step: Open any web browser, chrome or opera, whatever you prefer. Search the YouTube downloader for laptop, and you will find numerous results on the page.

2nd Step: Most famous YTD video downloader and will appear along with several other apps. Choose any one which you find best. And click on it.

3rd Step: You will be directed to its official page, and at the bottom of the screen, you will find a download bar named (selected app) Setup.exe.

4th Step: Press the yes button and start the installation of the downloader.

5th Step: Once the app gets downloaded, a square box will appear, click on the Accept and Install.

Steps To Download Videos from Downloader:

Once you install the app, follow the below-given steps to download YouTube videos mp3 using a downloader.

1st Step: Go to the YouTube website.

2nd Step: Play the video that you want to download.

3rd Step: Either click on the share button and share it to the downloader app or copy the URL link of the video.

4th Step: Now open the downloader and paste the copied URL link into the search bar.

5th Step: Click on the download or save to button, and save the file into the preferred folder.

Why Use YouTube Audio Downloader? 

Downloading audio is not preferred by many platforms like YouTube, so people need to separately download YouTube mp3 to extract audio from the video. It has various benefits, and they are as follows:

  • The most significant aspect of the downloader is that it provides fast speed downloading of the video and very speedily it converts those videos into mp3.
  • You can download even a few second clips.
  •  If you like any music and want to hear it offline, you can easily convert the video into audio and save it on your device.
  • The YouTube audio downloader is compatible and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It supports almost every format, whether it is mp4, 3GP, WebM, and FLV formats.
  • You can find royalty-free production audio and music with different sound effects.

So, these were the use of a YouTube audio downloader, and if you too want to get easy access to your songs, download the YouTube audio converter today itself.

How to Download Audio mp3 From Downloader on Android?

To easily download the audio from YouTube and save them into your phone, follow the given instructions:

  1. Open Chrome or any other web browser, whatever you prefer. Search the YouTube audio downloader for android, and you will find various upshots out there on the web page.
  1. Several audio downloaders will appear; select the one which offers many features such as high format conversion, trimmer, etc. Click on the app you prefer.
  1.  Then you will be redirected to the app’s official page. You will find the download option in the large box; click on the download.
  1. Press the yes button; the download will start.
  1. Once the app gets downloaded, an extended box will appear, click on the Install button, and enjoy the uninterrupted downloads.

Steps To Convert Audio from Downloader:

Once you install the app, follow the below-given steps to download lagu YouTube audio with the use of a downloader.

1st Step: Go to the YouTube website or directly go to the YouTube music app.

2nd Step: Open the video that you want to convert into audio if using the website to download.

3rd Step: Either click on the share button and share it to the downloader app or copy the URL link of the video. If you already have the audio player app, share the link from there itself.

4th Step: Now open the downloader and paste the copied URL link into the search bar.

5th Step: Click on the download or save to button, and save the file into the selected folder.

One of the best apps for YouTube audio downloader is the ytmp3. However, there are various apps available to give such facilities.

Is YouTube Downloader Safe?

These apps are considered unsafe to use. As these apps are illegal, and if you use any of them, it is possible that the law would detain you through your YouTube or Gmail account or can block you on the app. However, you can use VPN to access such illegal apps safely. Still, most of the apps are unsafe and highly not recommended to download video or audio. Unsafe portals are increasing day by day and causing much trouble to the internet through viruses and may harm your smartphones.

Though download YouTube videos mp3 apps may prove convenient to you, you must never compromise on quality. Many people in the world have fallen for these applications. They love it, but they did not know that these apps are formulated with illegal downloading software. The developers make money from users who downloaded their apps illegally.

Is YouTube Downloader Legal?

There are various applications on the World Wide Web that are legal and take no charges to download YouTube go videos or audio from legal apps. In India, there are several apps that do not deal with any illegal software. Rather than making earnings from these apps directly, they act as a middle man between users and providers. Few apps belong to this category. Hence, this became safe to use, although being an illegal site. Such models of business are used on these apps for promotions and popularity. 

Moreover, these apps use legitimate quality encryption methods to provide users with the best quality service. The government has taken the step and imposed strict regulations on some apps, but still few download lagu YouTube apps are not yet regulated by the law.


The first thing that everyone should understand is that these apps are illegal and contain pirated software, which forcefully downloads and converts the videos. In past years, it was blocked due to copyright issues, but now again; it is available on the internet.

However, if you want access to such apps, you can install one and permit installing any unknown software into your mobile phone or PC. So, till now, you must have extensively understood the purpose, need, and steps to download and convert the YouTube video using YouTube downloader.