When using firearms it’s vital to have the right training not just for legal requirements but also for your own safety. Permits such as the CT pistol permit ensure you have the proper training and knowledge to own and use firearms. By passing this course you can legally buy handguns, rifles, and ammunition. 

Permit courses typically go over proper gun ownership rules and safety such as use, proper cleaning, storage, and proper behavior when owning and using firearms. There are also more advanced permit courses you can take and one of the most common is the pistol permit for blue card in CT

While you may want to hunt or target shoot the proper permits can change your career as with this training you can become an armed security guard. It is an interesting profession and one you should keep in mind if you’re looking for a change in your work life.

The Advantages of The Security Profession:

Being a security guard is a profession that is more varied and flexible than you may think. In addition to this variety, there are also several professional advantages to choosing to work in this industry. If you have never considered security work as a profession here are some of the benefits it offers you.

A Variety Of Work Environments: 

Working in security offers a great deal of variety in how you work and what your tasks are. Some security jobs involve guarding a single location, others could have you patrolling a set area, and some security work involves watching several cameras around a property from a central location. This variety is important because it gives you the opportunity to find a work environment that matches your preferences and work habits.

A Needed Job: 

In the modern world, there is always concern about the future viability of certain professions. As technology advances the skills needed and types of jobs available can change. While this is not a new thing seeking out a profession with a stable employment need can put your mind at ease. 

Security and guarding property needs human interaction and someone on site to do the needed tasks of the job. While technology has certainly made the job easier and made monitoring a location more accessible the need for an on-site security guard to use these tools is still there.

Pride In Your Work: 

As a security guard, you can take pride in the work you do. Keeping people, property, and possessions safe from theft and other criminal activity is something you can take pride in. As a security guard, you keep places secure both businesses and in some cases residences or neighborhoods. 

Safety is one of the most important aspects of daily life and people deserve to feel safe and that they won’t be a victim of crime. As a security guard, you contribute to a safe and sound society.

Selection In When You Work: 

Not everyone wants to work traditional hours on Monday through Friday. As a security guard, there is a wide selection of hours available for you to work. You can work more traditional hours if you want to but second shift and nights also exist as an option. 

You also have variety in the days you work as security work is an everyday all-year-long job and if you want to work weekends, or holidays you can.

Final Thoughts:

With proper permits, you can purchase and use guns for safety and sports such as hunting or target shooting. If you continue your gun use education you can turn it into a part of your career as an armed security guard. Proper gun permitting ensures you know what you’re doing, keeps you informed, keeps you safe, and can help you enter a new career.