Helmut the Forsaken Child is a manga novel that is getting huge popularity recently. Unique plot, characters and narration style are the reasons behind this growth. Manga readers love to read newly released novels, and currently, fans are getting crazy about Helmut the Forsaken Child.

Everyone is searching for a platform where they can read this manga novel for free. As it is in high demand, it is quite difficult to find the novel easily. Even after being in high demand, the novel has received mixed reactions from readers. There is a group of fans who didn’t like Helmut the Forsaken Child. 

You don’t need to worry if you are planning to read this manga. To avoid your confusion about whether you should read this novel or not, we are going to talk about Helmut the Forsaken Child, in detail. In this article, we are going to provide a full review of this novel to help you make a good decision. Let’s get started. 

Synopsis of Helmut The Forsaken Child 

Helmut has been an abandoned child since birth. He was left in the demonic beast forest. Since he was always in the forest, the demonic beast raised him. He had never met any human being in his whole life, and the Sword Saint Darien was the human he met for the very first time in his life.

Helmut was completely unaware at that time that his meeting with Sword Saint Darien was going to change his entire life, and his fate would be shaken soon. 

He was told to get stronger when growing up if he actually wanted to get out of the forest. Here, things change for him forever. After living his entire life with a beast and living that way now, the boy is supposed to grow up among humans and their world.

Now, this turns out to be a challenge to him. While Helmut has good looks, outstanding swordsmanship, and Intelligence as well, he doesn’t have humanity which is a must-have when one needs to survive among humans.

Here, Helmut starts believing that he is not the prey anymore but the predator. 


You are most likely to find something likeable about this novel, regardless of your interest in cosplay, anime, comics, or video games. The plot is unique, and you can easily memorise all the characters since they are introduced and portrayed so well.

While the artwork is pretty impressive already, the novel gets even more impressive throughout the action sequences. You are going to find the characters likeable and rich because of the details created in the entire setting. We cannot resist but say that Helmut the Forsaken Child is among the best kind in the genre. 

Helmut is the protagonist of the tale, who was abandoned since birth in the forest of demons. He had a keen intellect and was brought up by a beast. On his maturity, he encounters the Sword Saint Darien. This is where his journey to become a human begins.

Now Helmut is required to gain the strength to escape the demonic forest. He also has to learn to manage his demonic surges. He is backed by a compassionate leopard as a young man now. 

The novel has well-written characters, and the supporting characters also stand out in a significant manner. The surroundings are great, and the setting development is also incredible. Helmut was very isolated at first and lacked empathy as well. But as he matures, he starts to feel that he is responsible and starts turning more into a human being.

In the real world, he is not dazzled by the riches, and the smallest of things do not bother him much or make him react. He has a great deal of character development, and readers cannot find him acting pervy. The personality of the protagonist is immensely appealing, and his characterization is superbly handled by the author. 

The plot of the novel is pretty basic; however, there are a number of options at your disposal to make it better. Regressions, transformations from an object or system, and transmigration are a few of the instruments that could have been used. Not only these, but there are other possible plot devices as well that can be used in the plot. 

Where to Read ‘Helmut The Forsaken Child’? 

You can read Helmut the Forsaken Child Manga novel online on any manga platform. The novel is quite easy to access, which makes it convenient to read for all kinds of readers. One cannot think of enough reasons to read Manga online.

Especially if you are someone who is interested in this captivating storytelling genre, then online manga reading is the best way to get familiar with it. One good reason why you should be reading Helmut the Forsaken Child online is its affordability. Readers can save their money as they read novels online for free rather than purchasing them. 

While nothing can match the feeling of having a real book to read in hand, we cannot overlook the expense of these books, and for a regular reader, they can sum into a significant amount. Why not embrace the modern era by reading Manga online, then? There is an abundance of content available online which makes it a good reason why readers should be reading online.

Also, we must not forget that real shops have limited space and a limited supply of books; you might or might not be able to access the book you are looking for. However, as you choose to read Manga online, you do not have to face any such restrictions. Therefore, the best place to read any Manga novel, including Helmut the Forsaken Child, is online, where you can easily find a large collection of novels without spending large sums of money.

The manga version of the novel is available to download for free. This fantastic novel is definitely worth the read. You can also use your computer to watch the most recent episodes of Manga. 

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