A career in the medical field is among the most sought-after professions and admission requires a lot of hard work and determination. That’s why students look for the best medical school to start their journey.

While medical education in the U.S.A is very popular, there is no guarantee that your medical school application will be successful.

This is because U.S medical schools have extremely strict admission requirements and even if you are able to fulfill them, the uneven ratio of applicants and seats available often prevents competent students from making it. 

Many international students instead opt for Caribbean medical schools which not only have an easier admission process but also provide a quality education that is of the same standard as the U.S. medical schools. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider opting for a medical school in the Caribbean.

Accredited medical schools: 

Caribbean islands have become home to some of the best-recognized medical schools that provide excellent education and hold value globally. These reputable medical schools are accredited by established institutions which adds value to the degree that they offer. 

Additionally, many of the recognized Caribbean medical schools also have other USPs such as a high first-time United States Medical License Examination (USMLE) step 1 pass rate which is an essential criterion in medical education. 

Also, these medical schools offer clinical rotations which are again very important for aspiring physicians. It is during clinical rotations that medical students get to witness the environment within the hospital, get supervised by doctors, and learn not only how to diagnose patients but also how to interact with hospital staff members. 

This supervised experience is among the most pivotal factor that students seek in any medical school. In the Caribbean, you get the opportunity to do clinical rotations in the U.S., which means that you can later work as a doctor in one of the U.S hospitals. 

Easier admission process: 

Getting into a Caribbean medical school is not that difficult if you have the required competencies. So, while the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test score) and the GPA are important factors that are considered while assessing a candidate, other things are kept in mind too. The interview committee for many of these reputable Caribbean medical schools bears in mind things like commitment and passion towards the field while finalizing the candidate. 

This means that students who are determined about pursuing this career field and fulfill the prerequisite criteria can easily find admission to a good medical school in the Caribbean. 

Qualified faculty and student support: 

While Caribbean medical schools are more affordable and easier to get into, it does not mean that they compromise on the quality of education that they offer. Medical schools that are recognized have qualified and experienced faculty that offer an excellent learning experience to students. 

Additionally, along with a brilliant faculty in place, Caribbean Medical Schools also have a robust support system in place that help students throughout the learning process.