Entertainment and arts are two fields always in popular demand due to their universal appeal. Being a creative person fetches you a lot of opportunities globally to grow and build a career for yourself. Besides, an artist’s job is often aesthetically connected to some industry or another.

Animation requires you to have talent and skills that suit the particular industry you are looking to work for. Pursuing a BA (Hons) in Animation is your first step into building the essential skills and channeling your creativity in the right direction.

According to a survey conducted by Prospects, 73.9% of animation graduates are employed while 3.5% chose to study advanced degrees in the field. So, let’s explore the various options after completing a BA (Hons) in Animation.

Career opportunities:

With the multimedia, industry soaring high and sectors like game design and graphic design widening their prospects in today’s digitalized world, the career prospects of animation have also increased significantly. Particularly, the advanced animation techniques you learn from this program help pitch for a job in the game industry which has witnessed significant growth and investments after the pandemic in 2020. 

Given here are some of the popular and in-demand career opportunities in the field of animation.

Game designer:

A passion for games and certain technical and creative skills are all that is needed for a game designer. As a game designer, you must help in the creation of scripts and storyboards for each game. In the initial concept stage, you must develop designs and visual aspects of that game and use 2D or 3d modeling to produce the various features of that particular game.

Web designer:

Attractive UI/UX designs are an integral part of a website to draw customer attention. Dynamic backgrounds or small web animations that pop up as a user scrolls down a webpage often catch their attention and prompt them to take action. As a web designer, you must come up with ideas and create webpages with innovative graphics, designs, and animation to increase traffic.

Art director:

An art director is the creative head of any field such as film, advertisement, television, online media, etc. You must work closely with copywriters and produce creative sketches and storyboards according to the preference of the client. Coming up with ideas, setting the whole framework, and producing content that reaches the target audience are the responsibilities of an art director. 

VFX artist:

Visual effects artists mainly work in films and entertainment media to create digitally generated imagery. You must create high-quality visuals that integrate with the themes of the film and make the audience believe that what they see on screen is real.

Higher studies:

While most graduates opt for jobs after completing their education, some go for advanced studies in the field that equips them with knowledge of high-end technologies and skills used in the animation industry. Some of the popular master’s programs are communication design, digital arts, sequential design, virtual reality, animation production, etc. 

If you are a creative person with a passion for drawing and visual creation, then study for an undergraduate degree in animation and start building your career.