A sharp wardrobe requires attention to detail in a world where the line between casual and smart casual is ever-so blurry. While sneakers and trainers pair easily with everyday jeans, swapping in boots elevates the look with a sense of purposeful intention. Choose from leather boots or suede chukkas, which work well with dress pants and dark denim for a versatile look ready to take on anything.


A sartorial stalwart, a pair of casual shoes can bridge the gap between dress shoes and sneakers when you want a more sophisticated look. But when shopping for the perfect pair using the Journeys promo code, there are a few key considerations to remember. Casual footwear should be comfortable and fit well to ensure they don’t slip off in the rain or rub against your skin too harshly.

Check the label’s website for details, but most casual shoes should have at least a thumbnail’s width between your longest toe and the front of the shoe, with little to no pressure on the pinky toe or big toe. Also, check that the sole has enough grip for walking on slippery surfaces and that the shoe’s lining won’t rub against your feet. When it comes to the best men’s casual shoes, there’s a wide variety of styles.

For example, a pair of brown suede chukka boots are ideal for transitional dressing as they can be worn with business casual attire during the week and jeans on the weekend. Or consider a pair of green leather tassel loafers, which can be worn with formal trousers or casual chinos. But don’t be afraid to try something different, like a dark green Oxford full brogue wingtip that’s both fashionable and sophisticated.


When dress shoes are overkill and sneakers are too sloppy, casual shoes provide the perfect balance. They’re versatile silhouettes that create a laid-back ‘don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff’ vibe and are available in a broader color palette than their dress shoe counterparts. Think dark brown penny loafers, cordovan tassel loafers, suede green chukka boots, or even military-inspired combat boots. Brown tones are great for men’s casual shoes because they sit on the fence between smart and casual.

Pair a classic brown derby with chinos and a crisp cotton shirt for a workday in the office, or wear some leather trainers with a pair of slim-fit dark jeans and a tee on a weekend road trip. If you want to go a little more formal, there are plenty of oxblood or burgundy casual shoes for men. These rich shades are more formal than black but are not as dressy as dark brown or navy blue.

Generations of fashion-conscious youth have worn both styles and will remain a staple in any closet, whether you opt for rugged suede or supple leather. Look for extra-large pull tabs or treaded rubber soles to make putting them on and taking them off more accessible.


Men’s casual shoes can be a complex piece of clothing to get right. Dress shoes are too formal, and sneakers are too casual, so choosing a pair between those extremes is essential. This type of shoe is known as a ‘casual shoe.’ They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.

Some examples of casual shoes for men include sleek and modern sneakers, preppy boat shoes, elegant loafers, glamorous driving shoes, stress-free slip-on, and a few styles that can be worn at work, such as Derbys and brogues, and Chukka boots or Chelsea boots for those looking for something durable to get them through winter. Oxblood and burgundy colors are some of the best options when choosing a casual shoe color.

These rich dark shades are neither formal nor casual, and they look great with most other casual clothing items, such as odd pants and a blazer or t-shirt. You might opt for a canvas style made with recycled wool and plant-based bioplastic for a casual summer shoe. This sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics offers the same cushioning, durability, and comfort that you’d expect from a traditional synthetic sneaker. This material also promotes airflow in the shoe, which helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable.


When dress shoes feel over the top and sneakers are too laid-back, casual shoes provide a great alternative. They offer a mellow, easygoing style that can blend with formal workwear and casual weekend attire. They also have a ‘don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff’ vibe that is often hard to replicate in other types of footwear. Casual shoes are typically crafted from comfortable materials such as leather and suede. These fabrics allow air to pass smoothly through the shoe and dry quickly when wet. They also provide proper stability and grip to prevent slippage while walking.

Men’s casual shoes are also made from a combination of materials like leather and canvas for added comfort. Choosing the right color for men’s casual shoes is crucial. While black is the most versatile option, it’s best to avoid this hue for business casual attire as it’s too formal and will clash with more relaxed outfits. Instead, choose a neutral such as brown or olive green, that’s both smart and casual.

Some men’s most popular casual shoes include loafers, Chelsea boots, and chukka boots. These versatile footwear options are ideal for blending formal and casual looks, thanks to their timeless silhouettes and versatile design. For example, classic leather penny or tassel loafers will work well with jeans and chinos, while a woven leather moccasin will complement a summery linen shirt.