Clevo pa71 can be the best laptop that can be a good choice for most of your requirements. At the current time, it is quite difficult to choose the best laptop as you can see that every day different companies are launching new features packed laptops for customers. In this chaos, making a decision for a laptop should be very calculative. 

We have come up with a suggestion that you can consider if you are planning to buy a new laptop in the near future. The name of the laptop is clevo pa71, a very interesting laptop loaded with top features and components that you can hardly find in this price range. The laptop was launched in 2017, and since then, the laptop has been leaving a long-lasting impression on its users. 

One of the reasons for the laptop’s success was its mind-blowing performance and durability. Let’s get to know more facts about this laptop which makes it different from other laptops. 

Clevo PA71: An Introduction

CleQvo PA71 has the finest processor for providing high performance and mobility to its users. This makes the laptop a wonderful pick for gaming and video editing while doing other tasks as well. Apart from just high performance, clevo pa71 has a lot more to offer. 

There are multiple features that make this laptop stand out from the crowd. Professional gamers and media professionals choose this laptop over any other newly released laptop because they trust in the quality and features of the clevo pa71

Check out some of the most significant reasons behind the popularity of this laptop and why people find it so appealing in further sections. 

Specs and Technology of Clevo PA71: 

Here is the full detail of the specs that are present in the clevo pa71 laptop.

  • The screen size of 17.3″, provides the best gaming and multimedia experience. 
  • Maximum resolution is 3840×2160. 
  • INTEL i7-7700HQ processor (2.80GHz) 2.8 GHz speed. 
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphic processor 
  • Memory type DDR4 
  • Memory 16 GB 
  • Memory speed 2400 MHz 
  • Storage type SSD 
  • Battery life of 4 hours 
  • Weight 3.1 KG 
  • Pixel Density 254.7 PPI 
  • Average performance 1440p 58.2 FPS 
  • Average 4k performance 34.5 FPS 
  • Price $2,018.0 only 

Let’s look into the specs of Clevo PA71 in brief. 


Clevo Pa71 has the best components and technology that have been tested on other laptops and proven to be successful. For top-quality performance, this laptop has capabilities similar to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 2GB graphics card, Intel core i7 2600k Sandy bridge, and 16GB of DDR3 memory. 


For all gaming needs, this laptop has ample storage options that include a 500GB hard drive or a 120GB Solid state drive (SSD). You can also add additional storage as well with the help of 3x USB ports or the DVD drive/burner combo provided in it. 

Screen and Display:  

The clevo pa71 is equipped with a 15.6 1080P display that has a peak brightness of 300 nits, quite enough for indoor use. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 and the 16:9 aspect ratio allow the users to watch the content on widescreen with its 17″ massive viewing area. 

The in-built LED backlight screen provides the users a perfect viewing experience even while using the laptop in darkrooms as it has eye care features, like flicker-free technology and blue light control as well. This reduces the impact of watching the screen from close for a longer duration and prevents eye strain or fatigue. 


For connectivity, you can enjoy the benefits of multiple ports to connect all your gaming essentials. You don’t need to worry if you wish to connect your gaming controllers, the clevo pa71 has all the arrangements for you. You can easily connect basic computer gadgets like keyboard, mouse, headsets, and external storage as well with the help of its 4x USB ports and 2x PS/2 ports, 1x HDMI port, and 2 x Gigabit LAN ports for uninterrupted connectivity. The list of available ports does not end here only, there is an eSATA that will let you link an external SATA drive or any other device through wires without removing anything from any of the engaged USB ports. 

If you wish to bring wireless connectivity to your laptop just plug in a compatible wireless card through its PCI express slot. 

Extraordinary Features of Clevo PA71:

Clevo PA71

All the above-mentioned specs describe the quality of this amazing clevo pa71 laptop. However, the features and specs don’t limit to the above-mentioned list only. Clevo pa71 has some outstanding features that make it appealing for customers to buy it over high-end laptops. 

Integrated Subwoofer: 

One of the most interesting features of this laptop is its powerful bass-rich sound system. It has an integrated subwoofer that has the capability of producing amazing sound, which can accompany the sound output of your clevo pa71 to give the best immersive experience. This is very useful for gamers as well, who look for a laptop that can let them hear every explosion, gunshot direction, footsteps of the enemy, and all other sounds inside the game, without wearing headphones or using separate speakers. This feature doesn’t exist in laptops with ordinary speakers. 

Hotkeys to keep you going: 

This laptop has hotkeys as well, hotkeys are basically small buttons on the sides of your keyboard that can be used to perform certain functions without even touching the mouse. You will not need to navigate the menus to perform some functions if you get used to using these hotkeys. For instance, there is one button on either side of the laptop for changing the volume and one for turning off or putting the laptop in sleep mode. This feature is extremely useful for the time when you don’t wish to spend time looking for the shutdown option or volume up and down option in the settings menu. 

Cooling system: 

Another amazing feature of clevo pa71 is its advanced cooling system. This keeps the laptop cool every time which makes it function properly even while performing heavy tasks like gaming or editing videos. The cooling system always keeps the noise level down when performing these complex tasks by keeping it cool to avoid interruption and improve the focus of the user. 

Fingerprint scanner:

The last but not the least amazing feature of clevo pa71 is a fingerprint scanner. This feature is hard to find in regular laptops that’s why it is worth mentioning. You can just simply unlock the laptop by putting your finger on it and pressing down. This can prove to be very useful if you usually forget your password or carry keys around you to access your laptop. This is a wonderful feature for those who are always on their laptop and use it too frequently. 

Clevo PA71 vs Other Laptops: 

Many critics have compared the clevo pa71 with other laptops to check why it is quite popular among users and how people find it appealing even after it performs similarly to laptops in this price range and is better in some comparisons as well. 

One of the most prevalent positive sides of this laptop is its RAM. It has more RAM than any other laptop in the same price range. More RAM allows the users to run multiple applications in the same window. So if you have clevo pa71 then you can work without thinking about slowing down the computer so that it can function smoothly. 

Cost And Availability of Clevo PA71: Review 

If you are looking for an option among laptops that can assist on the day of your college donation for the least, then Clevo pa71 is going to be the finest option possible. 

Clevo pa71 is going to be an ideal deal when you take into account its prolonged lifecycle and affordable cost. The price of the laptop PC is also not the most expensive option that you can find.

Due to this reason, if you are currently a student in college or planning to become one, then clevo pa71 is a great option to rely on. 

The necessity of This Laptop On Donation Day of College:

Clevo Pa71 as a donation is going to be beneficial to the recipient school as well as the donor. 

It is common for individuals to wonder about the requirement of a laptop to endure the donation day of college. Well, laptops are commonly used by individuals for a variety of purposes including research work, typing, studying, and assignments as well. In fact, they are frequently employed by people individuals as a piece of vital equipment for their employment and study. 


If you have been looking for a laptop that can fulfill most of your purposes including enduring a college donation day, then you can consider Clevo pa71 to be an ideal choice. Clevo pa71 is developed in a manner that ensures durability. 

It has strong latches and is totally composed of metal. With this feature, the laptop is likely to function normally even if it is dropped by chance. Not only this, but you can also find a one-year warranty if you choose to get laptops offered by Clevo. The warranty provides the users with peace of mind, at least for the coverage period, when there is an availability of a warranty.