Stealing someone’s work and using it as yours is called plagiarism. Nowadays, many individuals and platforms use others’ actions, words, pictures, and information without giving due credit, especially on the web. It hurts the sources as they don’t get enough benefits and recognition for their work. 

Nevertheless, it is more harmful to those who commit this horrendous act of copying because people don’t like profiles involved in suspicious activities. Therefore, if you are working on the web, you must maintain honesty and uprightness to build credibility and integrity. 

Otherwise, you will not get successful in the long run. There are numerous guidelines that you need to follow while starting to work on the web. 

This blog post will enlighten you about the means and methods to control and check plagiarism, specifically for websites.

Tips to Control Plagiarism:

Plagiarism can seriously affect your growth and cause a significant loss in winning royalty on your work if thieves keep stealing your work without you being unaware. That’s why you must be alert on all fronts to avoid any consequences of plagiarism either way. 

The following measures could save you from the adverse effects of plagiarism.

Shorten Your RSS Feed:

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a site’s online feed that updates the audience about every new article or post. Platforms use RSS feeds to instantly pinpoint new content from different sources and share that content on their sites by generating short links for every recent article with the help of various plugins. 

However, you must avoid overdoing RSS because that will overstuff your website with similar content. Moreover, it also increases the chances of plagiarism presence on your platform because it is nothing more than copy-pasting stuff. 

Therefore, the audience will prefer to visit the old sites with better traffic flow instead of coming to your site to read such material as you are not creating something unique. Therefore, you must rely on something other than RSS feeds. It would be best if you look forward generate strong content yourself.

Take Assistance from DMCA:

Using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), you can also control plagiarism from your site. It is a law made by the United States Copyright Act to govern intellectual property rights. 

You can send a takedown notice if you observe some platforms stealing your content under this act. As a result, the offenders will have to remove your created content from their site. Otherwise, you could ask for legal penalties if they don’t do so.

Contact The Thief:

If you want to get some benefit in return from the offenders instead of sending a DMCA takedown notice, then you must contact the platforms. You can ask them to give you proper credit to promote your brand’s name. 

Moreover, you can also ask them to publish a promotional blog post or an article integrating backlinks that will help you get more traffic, hence conversions. 

These were some of the measures to control plagiarism. Now, we will discuss the route to check plagiarism in your content during the pre-publishing phase to avoid any severe circumstances.

Way to Check Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is a severe offense that can have serious repercussions, whether practiced intentionally or intentionally. It can even get your site banned permanently if you publish plagiarized data. That’s why you must follow this fundamental obligation to escape plagiarism and its consequences. 

Once you are done with the penning down of your content, you must get it checked through a plagiarism checker. It will help you find any copied sentences in your write-ups. You can check plagiarism in your content with the help of any online tool for free. 

Following the results, you can remove the highlighted lines and replace them with new and unique ones through paraphrasing. If you are not a good paraphraser, there is a smooth solution. You need to go through the next heading.

Easy Way to Remove Plagiarism:

Manual paraphrasing is challenging because it demands a firm grip over synonyms and sentence structure. Therefore, you may consider taking help from a professional. However, there is an easy method to get your task done efficiently and quickly. 

You can use a paraphrase tool to change the sentence structures of duplicated lines without altering the meaning. There are various online services for free that can make this job more manageable. First, you must access a paraphrasing tool and place your text there. Consequently, it will provide you with a completely new text edition with 100 percent different diction.


No matter how bigger the brand you are and what score of market value you have under your belt, if you try to dodge the audience through plagiarism, you can face a severe backlash. 

Therefore, you must stay original in your content creation and extra active in content surveillance to get a substantial benefit for your efforts in the world of the web. After going through this article, we hope you will be satisfied with your knowledge of plagiarism and its negative impact.

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