Decorating a living room can feel like a big task. But even small details can elevate the space and make it more comfortable and inviting.

For example, in this cozy living room from blogger Oliver Thornton, a stack of books on a coffee table adds charm and character.

Adding throw pillows to the couch and chairs is another way to enhance a neutral room.


An Ottoman is a versatile furniture piece used as a footrest, seat or table. Choose a fabric that coordinates with your curtains to integrate the ottoman into your living room aesthetic.

These multi-taskers are available in various styles, from tufted traditional to cheerfully casual. Use multiple ottomans in a room to increase seating and storage options.

Look for specialty ottomans in unique shapes, such as an octagon or fun animal shape for your children’s room. These amazing ottomans add a pop of color and texture to your space. Some even have a hidden interior that can be used for storage.

Adding a variety of trays on top of the ottoman gives you plenty of surfaces to showcase decorative objects and trinkets. For assistance with your unique needs, contact specialists such as those at Joybird customer service

Side Table:

Aside from being a convenient way to keep the remote handy or a place for the family to stash snacks during movie night, an end table can bring a lot of style and personality to a room. Generally shorter than a coffee table and about the same height as your sofa arm or chair, these tables can be crafted from many materials, including wood, glass and metal.

Find the perfect accent to a contemporary space with a modern side table featuring geometric shapes and neutral color tones, or choose an ornately patterned piece with a classic feel to complement a traditional room design. These versatile furnishings can also be a backdrop for plants, photo frames, and other decorative knick-knacks.

Media Console:

A media console (or entertainment center or TV stand) is a stylish way to house your television and offer enclosed storage for items like decorative objects, books and more. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles to suit your space.

For example, a black or white media console makes an eye-catching statement in modern homes, while a wood media credenza in your choice of hue or stain fits well into the farmhouse-style decor.

Choosing the right one is easy by first determining your interior design style. A comforting feel with rustic accents may lean toward a farmhouse media stand, while clean lines and geometric shapes are a good fit for contemporary decor. Then, choose a color that suits your personality and matches other furniture in your living room. Examine the comments and other resources, such as the Joybird reviews, to get more ideas for your home design style. 


Whether it’s the centerpiece of your coffee table or a quaint vignette on an accent table, a decorative tray is a stylish way to add storage and display items that reflect you. Try placing personal belonging like trinkets or a photo of family and friends on the tray. Or, add a trio of tall objects like vases or candlesticks to create a classic style.

A rattan serving tray like this is great for embracing your rustic aesthetic and adding a cozy touch to your living room. You could also use it to hold a collection of framed photos for a charming yet organized look.

This elegant accent tray brings modern glamor to your decor with its sleek high-gloss surface and geometric metal sides. It’s perfect for displaying a jewelry collection in your bedroom or effortlessly transporting drinks to your guests at the bar.

Busts & Sculptures:

In art, busts are sculptures that depict the head and neck or a portion of the chest. They’re typically made of marble, bronze, terra-cotta, plaster, wax, or wood. This marble cast remake of Michelangelo’s David statue demonstrates that old meets new with its cheeky addition of a smashed ice cream cone on his forehead—perfect for a contemporary decor scheme.

This decorative bust doubles as a planter, allowing you to show off your succulents and other greenery. Its sleek matte finish makes it a great choice for traditional or modern-style rooms.