Area code 310 number covers a large section of California. The area located between West Hollywood to Malibu is generally known as a thriving tourism business and also known as entertainment. Additionally, a thriving startup community calls it home.

Customers will feel more at ease reaching you on a local number. They’ll assume you understand their needs better and can offer faster solutions.


Adding the 310 area code to your business helps strengthen your local presence in Los Angeles, one of the US’s most popular and trendsetting cities. It also enables you to build trust with local customers and boost your sales revenue. 

Along with a tiny portion of Ventura County and Santa Catalina Island, the 310 area code includes the Los Angeles County neighborhoods of West Los Angeles and South Bay. This area code was created in 1991, splitting from area code 213.

Businesses looking to expand their presence in the 310 area can get a new business phone number with a local digit. It makes reaching them easier for local clients and provides a more professional image. 

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If you get a call or text from 310, the person is calling from the West Los Angeles and South Bay areas of Los Angeles County and a small part of Ventura County and Santa Catalina Island. It is among the most often-used area codes in the country. Customers and prospects are much more likely to answer local calls, so a 310 number can help you connect with local people more effectively.

With a 310 number, you can build a local business presence in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Customers will be more amenable to interaction, and brand loyalty will increase. A 310 number will also help you stand out from competitors who need a local presence.

When you buy 310 number, you can have your local state of California number in your cloud phone system in minutes. The 310 area code covers most of Los Angeles, surrounding regions, and other cities. You can also use your 310 number to make and receive international calls.

With a 310 phone number, you can expand your business in the US and beyond without worrying about long-distance charges. All plans include auto attendants, built-in contact management, conference calling, and recording. 


The 310 area code is a virtual phone number that works online. It means your customers can reach you no matter where they are located without you having to buy expensive landline phones and install a phone system. Your phone number can also be used on any device, even mobile ones. Even when you are not working from the office, it is a terrific method to stay in touch with your business prospects.

A 310 phone number can help you build customer trust and boost sales. That is because people from that area are known for their luxurious lifestyle and love to spend money. Additionally, they enjoy traveling and have plenty of leisure time. Scammers who exploit the 310 area code to prank people into providing personal information or answering obtrusive calls may target them as a result.

Consider a business phone system if you want a 310 area code phone number. These systems are much more advanced than traditional landline phones and work over the Internet. They can also offer CRM integrations, team chat, and video conferencing. They are also inexpensive and simple to operate. 


The 310 area code covers major Californian cities like Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. The region is widely known for its thriving startup community and entertainment industry. It makes the area ideal for businesses that cater to local customers. It is simpler for customers to contact you and build their faith in your company when you have a local phone number.

Staying in touch with your clients is crucial whether you run your business out of your house or a coffee shop. To manage calls, texts, and messages, you therefore need a mobile business solution.

A 310 number can be used on any device, including computers, tablets, and cell phones. It’s also easy to set up and activate. Log in to a website or app and follow the instructions. Then, you can start handling business communications on the go and boost productivity quickly.