If you have been shopping for a French Bulldog, you may be surprised to see the price tags on these pups. You might not know that you can find peace of mind by working with a responsible breeder. Reputable breeders will only have one litter per female at a time. This will help them protect the health of their puppies.

Health Testing

Over the last few years, Frenchies’ popularity has skyrocketed, but with that rise has come growing criticism of their breeding techniques. It’s important to find a breeder like Pawrade who prioritizes the health and well-being of their puppies and follows ethical practices. Reputable breeders will use DNA testing to ensure their puppies are healthy and free of genetic diseases. 

They will also screen their parents for these conditions before breeding them. This allows them to provide their puppy buyers with a comprehensive medical history of their future pet. In addition, some breeders will check their canines for genetic cataracts, the main factor in canine blindness. A veterinarian can carry out this easy, painless treatment.

This test helps identify dogs with hereditary eye disease so they can be excluded from breeding programs. When choosing a French Bulldog, look for a healthy-looking pup with an even coat color and no visible deformities or bald spots. 

Also, ensure the tail has not been cropped, which can lead to serious back and spinal problems. Be wary of any breeder who claims that a particular color or droopiness is more desirable, as this may indicate a lack of overall health.

Veterinarian Care

French bulldogs are relatively low-maintenance dogs, but their brachycephalic (flat-faced) structure can lead to certain health concerns, such as breathing difficulties and dental issues. Additionally, they require routine veterinary care to help manage these conditions. Reputable breeders make sure their puppies are healthy and content before selling them, which helps to reduce these expenditures for pet owners.

Nevertheless, these costs can accumulate over time. Responsible breeders also invest time and resources in socialization, veterinary examinations, and genetic health testing. Pet parents can rest easy knowing that their puppies are receiving good care thanks to their initiatives, which raise the costs for their puppies.

Other factors influencing the price of a French bulldog include its pedigree and lineage. Puppies with exceptional lines and champion ancestors often command higher prices because they may be better suited for competition or possess desirable temperament or genetic health traits. When shopping for a French bulldog, check how many litters a mother has had and ask if the breeder will show you the puppy’s veterinary records.

If a puppy seems cheap, it may be a sign that it has health problems and is being sold as a result of unethical breeding practices. Additionally, you should always check a dog’s eyes for redness. These could indicate a serious health issue, such as a spinal disorder called chondrodystrophy.

Lifetime Support

Reputable breeders put a lot of time and effort into responsible breeding practices to ensure their puppies’ health, temperament, and welfare. To pay for the costs of genetic health testing, veterinary care, and training, they frequently impose higher fees. This helps you avoid buying a French Bulldog puppy from an irresponsible breeder who may sell you a sick or unhealthy animal. 

The pedigree and lineage of a French Bulldog can also significantly impact price. Puppies with champion ancestors are highly sought after. This indicates that the dog’s ancestors excelled in conformation, performance, and temperament, contributing to a healthy French Bulldog with desirable traits and genetics.

Similarly, rare coat colors and patterns can contribute to a higher price tag. For example, French Bulldogs with a merle pattern are visually striking due to their unique color combinations. This color pattern can be combined with fawn, brindle, or chocolate base coats.

While some initial expenses associated with French Bulldogs can seem high, it’s important to remember that these dogs are worth the investment. They provide unmatched company and may make your life happier with their upbeat personality. You may develop a close relationship with your French Bulldog that will last a lifetime with the right handling, training, and socialization.


The breeder should happily provide training tips for you and your new pup. Frenchies are intelligent and learn quickly. Building a close relationship between the dog and owner and teaching the dog the necessary instructions should be the two main objectives of training. Patience and consistency are key with this breed. A good breeder will also ask you a lot of questions. 

If you are serious about giving your puppy the best start in life, then you might want to invest in puppy training classes. You will have to put in the effort to stay on top of training outside of classes, but they can provide you with a good starting point. There are lots of classes available, including dog obedience training, which can be incredibly valuable.

The puppies’ best interests are their top priority, and they want to make sure they are put in loving homes.

They will only sell puppies to people who are a good fit for the breed or their lifestyle. One thing to look out for is breeders with more than one litter at a time. This can be a sign that they are not properly caring for each puppy. 

A good breeder will only have one litter at a time to ensure the health of the dogs and the puppies. Also, look for a crate in the breeding area and a spot for the puppies to sleep. Then, you will know that the breeder will be creating them at certain times of day. These include first thing in the morning, after eating or drinking, and when they are done playing. This is an excellent approach to ensure the safety and security of the pups while you are away.