The cloud computing industry is booming, with dozens of new companies offering storage, bandwidth, and processing power on an as-needed basis. With so many companies offering these resources, there are plenty of ways to save money using free cloud computing. Here are ten ways you can take advantage of the free cloud today. 

1. Use free cloud storage

Don’t pay for expensive file storage on your local computer. For instance, many sites are using Dropbox cloud storage to save their files. Their files are safe and can be accessed from anywhere. Using free cloud computing will save you money in two ways: You won’t have to buy a monthly subscription and you can access your data anywhere which means more time for fun stuff like playing games, watching TV, or reading. 

2. Try free cloud-based apps

Free cloud computing is used in many of today’s best companies. Instead of purchasing expensive computer software or software licenses, you can use free cloud-based apps like Google Docs. These software programs are preloaded on your browser and accessible online at any time. You never have to worry about losing your documents or re-installing programs when you switch devices.  

3. Learn new skills with free online courses

At Udemy, you can enroll in online courses taught by industry experts on any subject. There are courses for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a business, code, and market themselves. But don’t worry about not being able to afford it; you can earn certificates for free simply by doing what Udemy calls social learning; that is, sharing what you learn with others! 

4. Stay productive at home with free cloud computing apps

There are hundreds of cloud computing services that you can use for free, so you have no reason not to stay productive at home. This post will show you how you can save money and keep your business on track even if you’re working from home. Here are some great apps to help you get started: 

First, let’s look at a few must-have productivity apps: Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular options out there and it works on Mac or PC as well as any mobile device. 

5. Automate your bills for even more savings

Have your bills automatically paid by a free service that also notifies you when it’s time to pay. Many companies offer bill-pay services; but if yours doesn’t, or if you want an extra layer of security and features, try one of these websites: Bill Monitor, Easy Pay Solutions, or NACHA. All are very easy to use and will help you save money while keeping a close eye on your finances. It’s like having an accountant in your pocket! 

6. Go paperless at home

One of our favorite ways to save cash is by getting rid of paper bills, catalogs, and junk mail at home. When you go paperless you can stop throwing your money into those pesky paper shredders at home. You can also save tons of cash by using online billing services such as E-Bill or Paperless Billing, which allows you to see electronic versions of your bills in a timely manner and pay them when it’s convenient for you. The best part about going paperless is that you no longer have to worry about late fees because all of your payments are made on time! 

7. Enjoy free access to the Internet in public places

Wi-Fi hotspots can be found at most major coffee shops, as well as in airports and hotels. Some even offer free access for a limited amount of time. If you find yourself without an Internet connection in your hotel room or at work, use a computer lab for some online fun instead of paying full price at an Internet café. Many libraries also have computers available for public use. Don’t forget about your smartphone: if you have a data plan, turn on your phone’s mobile hotspot feature (if it has one) and enjoy free Web surfing wherever there is a cellular service. 

8. Take advantage of free cloud gaming

With so many popular console titles, PC games, and mobile apps not to mention a growing number of VR games on VR headsets like Gear VR, PSVR, Google Daydream, and Oculus Rift it’s hard not to be tempted by how awesome it all looks. Of course, it’s great that these games are so enticing; after all, more advanced technologies mean more fun for everyone. But remember: There are lots of free ways you can enjoy your favorite games without breaking your budget. 

9. Try Google Docs at work too! 

As a small business owner, you can’t always pay for software. But luckily, there are lots of great cloud computing alternatives that don’t cost a dime. One of my favorites is Google Docs. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online and share them with others in real-time. You can also access your files from any computer or mobile device and if something happens to your computer (or if it gets stolen), all your work is backed up on Google servers so you won’t lose anything! 

10. Don’t forget about free cloud-based services from Microsoft Office 365 

Microsoft Office 365 has free versions of its entire cloud-based office suite. And not only are they well designed, but when you sign up for an Office 365 account, you get a total of five devices on which you can install and use their products. For example, if you need access to Microsoft Word on your desktop computer and your tablet computer, no problem! Just sign in to your account and download it right away. No more paying for individual copies of software just so that it’s available on multiple devices! 

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