Futbolear is a hub of multiple games. It’s a combination of elements of baseball, volleyball, and soccer. Also known as fútbol de salón, this thrilling game is an alternative to outdoor soccer. 

There are a lot of remarkable games created that leave a great impact on the hearts and minds of viewers every time it is played. Among these games, some are indoor while others are played outside. It’s no surprise there are millions of fans of outdoor games like baseball, volleyball, and soccer across the globe. 

However, have you ever thought about the excitement of watching these three combined outdoor games in a single indoor game? Yes, we are talking about futbolear. Curious to learn more about this game? Well, you landed on the right page. This article will assist you in better understanding the sport.

What Is Futbolear?

Futbolear is an indoor game that has elements of three very renowned games including volleyball, football, and soccer. In different parts of the world, it’s also popular as soccer volleyball, or footvolley. It’s played between two teams and each team has two to five players. This game is very easy yet fascinating with some fundamental rules to follow. 

The players have to score by kicking or hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal. Just like football, this game depends on teamwork. Every player’s role is very important in defending and attacking as the same. This unique and interesting game has attracted not only the audience but many renowned teams and players including the Brazilian national team, Rodrigo Lacraia, and Anderson Águia are a part of this game. 

What Is Futbolear

Is Soccer And Baseball Different From Futbolear? 

People often consider futbolear the same as soccer and baseball. However, they are completely different games. Even though the main in football and futbolear are the same for scoring it’s played with a soccer bat. Futbolear has combined elements of basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Soccer and baseball are outdoor games played on a rectangular field while futbolear is an indoor game played on a circular field. 

Advantages Of Playing Futbolear:

Playing different sports is very beneficial not only physically but also mentally. Just like other games, there are several advantages of playing futbolear making it a gratifying and rewarding game. So here are some advantages of playing this game. 

1. It’s A Combination Of Different Games:

Futbolear is a combination of three different games including volleyball, football, and soccer. So people can enjoy all these three games in a single game. Even though futbolear is similar to other games, it’s a very new and intriguing sport. It also promotes global unity by giving importance to every individual who shares the same passion despite their background. 

2. Improve Overall Fitness And Health:

Playing futbolear involves a lot of physical activity as it’s a combination of different games. Due to this, it helps in improving the overall fitness and health of individuals pushing them towards a healthy lifestyle. 

3. People Of All Ages Can Play This Game:

Futbolear is such a game that can be played by people of all ages. So it’s the best option for people who want to do fun physical activities and connect with others. It’s also very beneficial to play this game for health and physical fitness. 

4. Enhance Your Skill:

Futbolear helps in enhancing the skills and team dynamics of every individual. It not only helps in developing skills for this game but also for soccer and football. So this game helps individuals in developing skills for multiple games. 

5. Development Of Teamwork:

Futbolear is played in teams of two to five players and every player has a specific important role in every team. They need strategies to defend and attack at the same time as a whole. So it helps in developing teamwork and strategies. 

Equipment For Playing Futbolear:

Futbolear is a very new sport. Not many people know what are the things required for this game. It doesn’t require any unique equipment to play this game. It only requires a baseball bat and cones to set a boundary on the field. Usually, it’s played indoors. It’s a very simple game that anyone can play regardless of their age. 

Despite the resemblance, futbolear is a very different sport than soccer. So look for a nice soccer ball for better control and accuracy. Don’t forget about safety while playing any sport. It’s better to wear comfortable athletic clothes with some safety pads and helmets. Some people even prefer to wear gloves for better grip. 

Difficulties Faced By The Players:

Although futbolear is a very exciting and lively game there are also some challenges players have to face. However, it’s not difficult to overcome all these challenges. So here is a list of some of these challenges players face:

  • Speed and Teamwork: Futbolear requires speed and teamwork at the same time. Agility, quick reflexes, and coordination are the key points to succeed in this game. Players need to block, attack, and anticipate the movements of their opponent at the same time. So it’s very important to be active in this game. 
  • Strength: Playing futbolear requires a lot of strength. Players need to move and be active all the time. So it’s very essential to work on building strength to keep up with other players. 
  • Proper Communication and Understanding: As this game is played in teams it’s the basic key to have proper communication and understanding in players. The players need to make strategies and work on it to win the game. 


Futbolear is a very intriguing and thrilling game adapted from soccer, football, and volleyball as an indoor version of these games. Despite being a new game it’s very popular. It’s a very unique game that attracts the audience. The resemblance between soccer and football is very fun to watch as well as play. 

It’s also very beneficial for health and people of all ages can play this sport. Although there are some challenges in this game like other games they are very common and players can overcome these challenges through determination and practice. Futbolear is a very fun and perfect game for fans of soccer, football, and volleyball. 

What is Futbolear?

Futbolear is an indoor game that combines elements of volleyball, soccer, and football. It’s also known as futbol da salón meaning indoor soccer.

What led to the origin of Futbolear?

The origin of Futbolear dates back to 1930 in South America. The game was invented by soccer enthusiasts due to limited outdoor playgrounds. As a result of this, a new game was created by combining the elements of soccer, volleyball, and football.

How is Futbolear played?

The game of futbolear is played between teams consisting of five members each and a goalkeeper. The game is played in two parts and each part is set for a specific amount of time.

What are the types of equipment needed to play Futbolear?

For playing Futbolear best quality long-lasting balls and soccer bats are required. Unlike football, it’s an indoor game so it is played in a rectangular indoor arena.

What is the age limit for playing Futbolear?

There is no age limit for playing futbolear as people of all age groups can enjoy this game. This game promotes some health benefits by keeping oneself active and fit.

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