Players who regularly get together often begin to look for projects that they want to play and enjoy team action. In this case, session online projects or cooperative shooters will help you.

Rainbow Six Siege:

This is a project that relies on a mixture of realism and entertainment and implements the main idea in KS 2 but with its tricks.

You will play as terrorists who have captured a building, mined it, or are holding hostages and must wait out the special forces attack and destroy all the enemies, or let the bomb explode to end the round in your favor.

On the contrary, special forces must carry out a successful assault and destroy enemies, defuse a bomb, or free hostages.

Teams need to get 8 wins to win the match and receive progress in r6 boosting leagues and divisions to face more difficult and interesting opponents.

The main advantage of R6 is the almost complete destructibility of objects on the map. This means that when storming or defending a house, you can destroy walls, roofs, and partitions between rooms, shoot through rooms, and sometimes even destroy the enemy by exploding the place where he is sitting.

It is necessary to maintain a balance between the chaotic destruction of everything and everyone, with the risk of harming the hostage, but also engaging in a classic assault, which puts the group’s actions at risk.

To summarize, break everything you think is necessary, but it should be expedient, and not just for fun, and then your progress and boosting in Rainbow Six Siege will be rapid.

Attacking is always more interesting because you need to conduct reconnaissance and think to outwit your enemy and make him think that the attack will be on one target and when they get together – attack from other positions and knock them out with all-round fire.

It is more difficult to defend yourself because you need to anticipate and understand potential attack points and learn to determine where the false direction is and where the main one is.

If you strengthen your positions and inflict losses on your enemies, they will have very little chance of winning the round and the game as a whole.

GTA 5 online:

GTA is not a full-fledged shooter, but shooting occupies a significant place in its gameplay.

This is a mixture of the storyline, racing, shooting, and the mechanics of robberies and other activities.

It is advisable to go through the storyline before going online to understand the general concept and play, and to feel the history of the characters and secondary characters who will continue to develop online.

The most important thing you need to learn is to drive, shoot accurately, and understand how robberies work.

The heists will take place in the best traditions of films – where you first need to choose a target, then go on reconnaissance, select a team and distribute the fee, then get all the necessary tools and transport, and only then go to implement it.

If in the plot part, all robberies will have a logical context for solving the problems and circumstances of the main characters, then in the online mode they will most likely have only the nature of personal gain.

In GTA 5 online, money plays the most important role, and it is robberies that will give you a stable opportunity to receive it, but for this, it is advisable to play with friends and not with random players, because GTA has an unstable and unpleasant lobby system and if one of the players will leave in the middle of a mission due to emotions, unstable Internet, or other reasons, it will set up all other players and force them to replay the entire phase.

That is why it is advisable to play in such a way that all players are adequate and have contact with each other, then playing GTA online and robberies will be a joy, not torture, especially since Rockstar significantly expanded the storyline and intertwined many characters in these modes. You will meet Lester, Trevor, and other famous characters again.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising:

Even though this is an outdated project in terms of graphical and, most importantly, tactical capabilities, it remains one of the best military simulators, the campaign of which can be completed by a squad of friends of four players.

This is a project about the war between the USA and China, in which you will act as a US special forces unit, and for each mission, you will choose your weapons and equipment depending on the mission that awaits you.

Assault missions await you, such as clearing key heights and displacing opponents from them.

You will conduct reconnaissance and destroy air defense systems in a night raid to facilitate the operation of your aircraft and helicopters. You must decide for yourself how to carry out this operation – approach quietly and secretly, destroy enemies and retreat so that opponents notice your intervention only after the explosion, or carry out a full-fledged assault, which is faster and more effective, but also dangerous, because you will leave the territory with battles in which opponents can use armored vehicles and even aircraft, so if possible you need to act quietly where possible, that’s why you and specialized troops.

Also, you have the opportunity to shoot and storm because there will be missions with the capture of villages and even an airfield, where you need to approach, knock out the main forces of the enemy, gain a foothold, and not allow him to counterattack so that your allies can transfer soldiers and equipment and build on the success that was would not have been possible without the actions of your squad.

Do not think that the tasks will always be difficult, and the whole war will be won on your shoulders – you will often be helped by other types of troops – aviation and armored vehicles, and you will also have the opportunity to use these types of troops and heavy equipment to help you.

You need to play not only covering your squad members, but also other allies, primarily armored personnel carriers, because this is your reliable cover and suppression of enemy infantry, and if you do not help them, they can be destroyed by enemy grenade launchers and your assault will be weakened.