Im the Only One With Unfavorable Skills manga, tells the story of a young student named Yuko. Yuko is taken to a mystical realm where she discovers that he possesses a unique ability to draw monsters towards her. Her magnetic powers are completely alien to her. Although this “unfavourable skill” is something that nobody actually desires to have, the protagonist is no longer alone and has found a new purpose in life.

Let’s know more about “Im the Only One With Unfavorable Skills”. 

Summary: Im the Only One With Unfavorable Skills

Yuto Nakatani was a common student living a very normal life like any other student until, one day, the holy Valencia Empire summoned the entire class to another world. Their mission was to eradicate the remaining forces of the Demon King’s Empire. As a result, all the students received extraordinary abilities such as magic, martial arts, healing techniques, and physical enhancements and were revered as heroes.

Everyone, except for Yuto, acquired a favourable skill. On the other hand, Yuto has received an unfavourable skill called Absorption. Her weird skill has made it possible for her to draw things towards her. The empire and other heroes with extraordinary capacities find Yuto’s power to be insignificant to them. 

These students are now planning to visit a dungeon with the aim of enhanced powers. During the fight, the “Healer” of the group has been harmed. Here, Yuto steps into the fight to protect her but gets cursed. 

This event gets Yuto ridiculed and abandoned by the rest of the class. One of the classmates also decides to plot her murder as it would bring him points of experience. But then, a strange voice tells Yuto that she should be using his powers for good reasons. Where does this voice lead her? Read the manga “Im The Only One With Unfavorable Skills” to know more. 


The protagonist of the novel “Im The Only One With Unfavorable Skills,” is called upon to be a hero in a fantasy world. However, she soon realises that her powers are of no great use. 

Will this unfavourable power make the hero actually suitable to help the world? Well, this story is mainly about the protagonist’s discovery of her own power and capacity. 


Are you searching for a manga that is not solely focused on physical strength? If so, you must consider reading the “Im The Only One With Unfavorable Skills” manga. Despite having unfavourable skills, the protagonist still manages to be a formidable force. 

Additionally, she is accompanied by a group of heroes who possess their own unique skills. This makes the entire case totally diverse and entertaining for the audience. This manga promises to be both humorous and exciting, with the potential to influence the readers.

The following are some major characters in the novel:

Yuto Nakatani:

The main character of the story is someone who was betrayed by his allies and left to die. She miraculously survives and discovers that she has the power to mimic the abilities of those she touches. She decides to leave his group and partner up with Melia, which causes conflict with his former companions in the Holy Valencia Empire. 


Melia is the daughter of the demon king named Melfes. After being made to witness the killing of her parents by soldiers who were zealous supporters of an empire, she was confined in a cave, fastened to a chair made of stone, and had a crystal spike inserted into her chest, all done in a cruel and senseless manner.

This torture lasted for four centuries and left her with numerous mental health issues. One of the less severe problems she faces is being used to being unclothed and having a hard time displaying emotions other than a blank expression. She hasn’t cried in a long time.


Ryin is the childhood friend of Melia and the daughter of the king of the dragon race. At both ends of her story, she has been involved in saving lives. She and her people were once in danger of being hunted by other races for sport and were rescued by the Demon King. After the demon tribe’s fall, she took on the responsibility of caring for the refugees.

Her sole desire is to bring down the empire, especially the so-called “heroes” who killed helpless children before her eyes. She regrets being unable to save the Demon King and Queen from the invading human Empire.

Im The Only One With Unfavorable Skills: Theme

It is quite uncommon to find Manga that has less action and more philosophical drama. However, in this novel, you can find an emphasis on the themes of individuality. 

Despite Aria’s unfavourable abilities causing others to disapprove, she is determined to wield them with expertise. This manga also highlights the value of uniqueness, as no one wants to be an exact copy of someone else. So, if you are searching for a story that motivates you to strive for excellence, give “Im The Only One With Unfavorable Skills” Manga a read!


If you are in search of a manga that has been highly praised by both readers and critics, then “Im The Only One With Unfavorable Skills” is going to be a great choice. Also, you will irresistibly fall in love with the unique plot of the manga. The novel will definitely captivate you, with well-developed characters and stunning artwork. The artwork in the manga makes it even more engaging for both readers and viewers. 


This is quite an uncommon manga novel with its unique themes, characters and plot. You will get to read about the unfavourable skills of the protagonist and what this skill brings to her.  

The exceptional plot and well-developed characters of the novel make it a must-read for any manga or anime lover. If you are a manga lover who has been waiting for something new and exciting for a long time, then give this read. 

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