Since the CBD market is snowballing, consumers are becoming more mindful of what’s good and not. So organic sourcing is one of the main factors to make a CBD product good. Organic CBD hemp, or organically sourced CBD, is a product extracted from hemp plants free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

Why is organically sourced CBD essential for us? Let’s read below!

Why Organically Sourced CBD?

First of all, what is organic CBD? Businesses that extract CBD from hemp plants cultivate through methods prioritizing soil health, biodiversity, and environmental sustainability. Using natural fertilizers, crop rotation, and biological pest control are all-natural methods for organic hemp plant cultivation.

If CBD product has the USDA Organic certification or equivalent regional certifications, you can trust that it’s organically sourced. 

Here are the reasons to consider only organically sourced CBD.

1. Purity and Safety Profile:

CBD hemp organically grown ensures that the hemp plants do not have any synthetic pesticides and herbicides. This reduces the reducing the risk of consuming potentially harmful substances. 

Since the hemp plant accumulates nutrient from its medium, opting for an organic one ensure that no harmful fertilizers and contaminants end up in the soil. 

2. Higher Quality and Potency:

Not only organic cultivation but organic extraction is also essential. And organic CBD products mean it underwent processes that keep the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. So you get better at CBD gummies and other products.

3. Health Considerations:

certified organic cbd ensures that you don’t expose yourself to the residue of synthetic pesticides that can entail negative health effects. Organic CBD undergoes rigorous testing. This testing ensures it is free from contaminants, including heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbial pathogens. So you get a healthier product.

4. Allergen-free and non-GMO:

Genetically modified plants can be harmful to your health. So getting organic CBD means you ensure that it is non-GMO. Moreover, organic products from CBD shops are less prone to common allergens or irritants. So you can minimize the risk of sensitivities or allergies. 

How to Know If CBD is Organically Sourced?

It would be best to be mindful of weeding out good hemp CBD from bad ones. And that requires careful evaluation and consideration of several factors. Here are some ways to determine if CBD is organically sourced:

  • Certificates like USDA Organic or equivalent regional certifications can tell you that it went through rigorous testing and meet all the industry standards.
  • Reading product labels can reveal a lot about the product. Organic sourcing label indicates it’s good to use. Moreover, reputable CBD is transparent about its hemp sourcing and manufacturing.
  • Check if a brand gets hemp from countries like US, UK, and Canada. If you see a brand sourcing hemp from other countries leave them as they might not be organic. Moreover,  make sure their hemp plants are grown without the use of artificial pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.
  • The third part lab test also ensures that CBD is organic. Every genuine CBD business has third-party tests on the website so users can view them and check for third-party lab results.
  • Check if the brand is transparent about their extractions processes and sourcing etc. 


organically sourced CBD is the ground reality of every CBD enthusiast. USDA organic CBD ensures that it is ethically produced and contains no harmful ingredients. Moreover, it would be best to be mindful of how to sift through organic and inorganic CBD.