Are you looking to pick the best exercise to work obliques? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In order to exude that v cut, we all strive for, it is important to make sure your workouts incorporate a few specific things. After all, there isn’t only one pathway to a set of beautiful 15-inch abs.

The obliques or love handles are a muscle that wraps around your midsection and adds definition to your lower abdomen. To really see the muscle, you have to work it on a consistent basis.

That said, keep reading for a list of the top 5 choices around to start sculpting those edges.

1. Side Plank With Rotation

One of these top contenders is the side plank with rotation. This Best Exercise not only targets the obliques but also engages the core and improves stability.

It involves starting in a side plank position and then rotating the body towards the ground and back up, working the muscles on the side of the body. This move can be modified for all fitness levels and is an effective way to sculpt and strengthen the obliques.

2. Russian Twists

Among these winners is the Russian twist, a popular and Best Exercise that targets the side abs. Not only does it strengthen the obliques, but it also improves overall core stability.

With its simple yet effective twist motion, the Russian twist engages the entire core, providing a challenging workout. It can also be modified to increase or decrease the intensity, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

3. Bicycle Crunches

One standout exercise that often tops the list is bicycle crunches. Not only do they engage the obliques for a well-rounded core workout, but they also target the lower abs and hip flexors. This exercise can easily be modified for varying levels of difficulty by adjusting the speed and range of motion.

If you’re a personal trainer and looking to teach this Best Exercise, make sure to get proper certification. Make sure to research online and visit the website to learn more about getting a personal trainer certification.

4. Woodchoppers

The woodchopper exercise involves using a weight or resistance band to simulate the movement of chopping wood. It engages your core and obliques in a dynamic and functional way.

Not only does it help to strengthen and tone the sides of your torso. Adding woodchoppers to your workout routine might just be the key to achieving those sculpted obliques you’ve been striving for.

5. Standing Side Bends

Standing side bends involve standing upright and bending to one side while keeping your core engaged. By repeating this movement on both sides, you can effectively target and strengthen your oblique muscles.

The beauty of standing side bends lies in its versatility. It can be done anytime, anywhere with no equipment required. Plus, it also helps improve balance and posture.

Improve Your Core With an Exercise to Work Obliques

Incorporating exercise to work obliques into your workout routine not only results in a strong core but also improves balance and stability. After researching and considering the top five potential exercises for working obliques, it’s time to put them to the test and find the perfect fit for your fitness journey.

Don’t wait any longer, try them out today and see the results yourself!

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