Are you looking for a platform where you can find Asian movies and dramas? You are at the right place. Though many platforms provide Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian content, they may not offer the latest collections of movies and dramas. The IYF TV is the platform or channel where you can find the latest drama or movie on the internet. It offers various documentaries too and in better formats and quality. 

Let’s have a brief discussion on what this IYF TV is and how it benefits the users.

What is IYF TV? 

This is an Asian video streaming platform where various new movies, documentaries, dramas, and other video content are uploaded. This is a new iyf tv but still, it offers the best quality and quantity of content. There are more than 10,000 movies and TV dramas. You can find 1800+ variety shows, 1300+ documentaries, and 3000+ cartoons. 

What are the different modes of IYF TV? 

IYF TV has two major modes, i.e., free and premium mode. Both these modes have their pros and cons. Let’s discuss them in brief. 

1. Free mode: 


In free mode, you can easily watch any Asian movies or dramas on IYF TV without any cost. Usually, it is the default setting of a website. So, when you want to use this mode, you can easily open this website and log into it. You won’t need to register into an account or provide any financial details. 


In the free mode, users are shown ads which usually makes it irritating for them. Whenever users try to watch anything, it first shows ads. Furthermore, you won’t be able to download any video from the website in free mode. You can only watch movies or dramas on websites and in 480p or even lower quality. 

2. Premium mode


The premium mode of iyf tv does not support ads and also allows users to watch videos in ultrahigh quality formats like 2k or 4k. Apart from this, you can also download movies or dramas you want in high quality without any problem. The premium version further allows you to request for any currently unavailable content on the website. So, when the video gets uploaded, it notifies you about its availability. 


The only disadvantage of having a premium version is that you would need to pay a subscription amount for your chosen package every month or year. You will be required to register an account and provide financial details about your debit or credit cards. The website offers various premium packages like: 

  • Gold VIP – It offers a 30-day package for 15 Euros. 
  • Gold VIP – Includes 180-day package for just 69 Euros. 
  • Extreme VIP – It includes a one-year package of around 119 Euros. 

How to find movies, documentaries, and dramas on iyf tv? 

IYF TV website offers the best interface where users can easily navigate through and search for their favorite content. The includes a wide library of movies, TV dramas, cartoons, and other video content like music videos, technology videos, and fashion videos. So, the first way to find content is by navigating through genres and subcategories. 

What genres does IYF TV cover? 

There are many genres in each category of content. All these genres have excellent collections for their users. Following is the list of genres that you can find in each category: 

  • Movies – This genre has all comedy, love, action, science fiction, crime, fantasy, thrillers, war, animation, etc. 
  • TV dramas – This genre includes mainly love, idol, romance, history, spy war, adventure, martial arts, rivers, lakes, crimes, myths, gangsters, suspense, etc. 
  • Cartoons – The cartoon genre is mainly for kids and adults who have an interest in science fiction, magic, hilarious reasoning, adventure, love, campus, fighting, blood, etc. 
  • Variety show – This category has various genres like reality shows, network synthesis, funny, sports, interviews, talk shows, drafts, etc. 
  • Documentary – Documentaries are that genre that includes exploration of culture, military, technology, history, and figures with one-to-one interaction. 
  • Game – This genre has online games, stand-alone games, hosts, and mobile games for their users. 
  • Physical education – It has various subcategories which include the Olympics, basketball, football, etc games that give knowledge of physical education. 
  • News – This category has new videos that involve international news, Chinese information, finance, and military subcategories. 
  • Life – This genre includes all about lifestyle and healthy habits. It may be of daily food, animals, flowers, travels, knowledge, and marriage.
  • Music – On iyf tv various music videos are uploaded for the users. 
  • Fashion – This genre gives tips on fitness, shows, makeup, outfits, etc to keep viewers updated with advanced fashion styles. 
  • Technology – This provides videos of digital gadgets, computers, cell phones, and cars. 

How to watch movies online on iyf tv? 

To watch movies, dramas, and documentaries on, you can simply navigate through the interface of the website and choose your desired category or genre to watch. For detailed information, check out the following steps: 

  1. Visit “”. 
  2. Navigate through your desired category and genre you want to watch. 
  3. Once you find out what you want to watch, click on it. 
  4. The video content will start on a separate page. 

Is new iyf tv legal and safe? 

The iyf tv provides legal Asian content for free and also in premium mode. Though many of the websites are not legal, new iyf tv is unique among all and provides safe and legal content.

Furthermore, there are some dramas and documentaries that are illegally copied on websites without the consent of the actual owner. This does not come as a threat to any of the users. You can still safely watch your favorite things without any restriction if the content is on the website. 


IYF TV is best for fans who like Asian video content. This platform tops the list of websites that offer better Asian content in a high-quality format. It is safe and legal to use. You can use VPN and antivirus to get access to the website if it is banned in your area. 

Who founded website?

The IYF TV website’s owner is still unknown to everyone. But this website claims to be legit and is said that it is owned by an overseas Chinese person.

From where does all content come to iyf tv website?

All the content like movies, documentaries, dramas, and other videos comes from its source or any other platform with the consent of its owner. However, sometimes the content may not have the consent of the owner but still is uploaded to the website. The owner or sometimes users upload the content on the website too.

Is there any inappropriate content on the website for minors?

Yes, several videos are inappropriate for minors and must not be allowed to be seen. The website allows users to upload any content and thus it becomes possible for inappropriate content to be uploaded by users. So, for minors, this website must be used under adult supervision.

How to access iyf tv website, if it is banned in my area?

If iyf tv is banned in your area, you can unblock it by using a VPN and an antivirus.

What are the reasons why I can’t open iyf tv?

IYF TV might not open because: 
The website might be under maintenance and should try after 30 minutes. 
The website might be geo-blocked in your area.

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