How long does an oil change take is a quick question that dodges our mind when taking a glimpse at the oil level of one’s automobile. The engine is one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle with oil required to keep it running. Oil helps in lubricating the moving parts, ensuring their smoothness and coolness. 

Whether you’re thinking of buying a new automobile or you already have one, it is essential to have a clear understanding of oil changes. This will not only ensure efficient working but also keep you safe from mishaps. Keep reading the article to access all the details regarding oil change.

How Does Oil Change Benefit Your Automobile?

Ever wondered, how long does it take to do an oil change? Engine oil plays several important functions in the engine with lubricating moving parts being its primary role. Along with its many roles, it operates hydraulic actuators and removes heat from the engine as well. 

Changing oil regularly helps maintain engine efficiency, avoiding costly repairs, and reducing noxious emissions. Residual dirty oil and additive deposits reduce the amount of free-flowing oil in the system increasing overheating, vaporization, deposits, and oxidation. 

With frequent oil changes, engine failure seems a far-away scenario, thereby, cutting heavy cost repairs. It also facilitates the efficiency of the engine. The engine stays cooler and smoother for another ride.

How Long Does An Oil Change Take Place?

The question of ‘how long does an oil change take?’ usually depends on several factors. Oil changes are one of the most common maintenance projects of the automobile. The factors to look for include time, quick lube shops or repair shops, and the kind of car you drive. 

A DIY oil change can also be performed, however, it would be a bit more difficult and time-consuming. It could take at least 45-50 minutes when done manually with no experience. In this process, the existing oil is drained out and replaced by a new oil in the engine. 

Once the change has been done, the technicians/performers inspect the engine making sure everything is all right. They end the process by taking a good look at fluid levels including the windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. how long does it take to do an oil change? It generally takes 30-45 minutes to change the oil of an automobile. 

Signs The Car Needs Oil Change

Every automobile shows different signs and specifications for when to get an oil change. Keep a keen eye on the odometer, an oil-monitoring technology usually installed in cars to ensure the level of oil in the car. Have a look at the manual to find out when to go for an oil change.

Some signs the car needs an oil change are as follows:

1. Insufficient Mileage:

One thing you would notice in the automobile is its reduced mileage. When you make frequent trips to the gas/fuel station, it’s time to get the oil change. When thinking of how long does an oil change take place, it is essential to keep the decreasing mileage issues in sight.

2. Issues During Tauling or Hauling:

Dragging or adding weight can increase the stress on the transmission and engine leading to the generation of heat. This heat leads to oxidation decreasing the lifespan of the motor. To avoid this, one should get an oil change more often.

3. Taking Longer To Start The Vehicle After Short Trips:

The city life’s instilling vehicles to follow stop-and-go traffic not only leads to overheating but might also cause several other problems with the engine. Therefore, with frequent oil changes the performance of the engine increases. 

4. Loud Sounds From The Engine:

Once how long does it take to do an oil change comes into the picture, one can imagine how irritating it would be to hear loud clanging sounds from the engine in every drive. When the oil isn’t changed frequently, one has to suffer the inconvenience. 

5. Smell Of Oil Inside The Vehicle: 

Another common symptom is the smell of oil inside the vehicle. In case of old oil running inside the engine, improper lubrication withholds the smell of oil inside the vehicle.

DIY To Change Your Own Automobile’s Oil At Home: 

One thing we all wonder about is the possibility of changing the automobile’s oil by oneself. Yes, it is possible to change the automobile’s oil by oneself. For this, they need to possess the necessary skills, appropriate tools, and correct techniques. 

how long does an oil change take by oneself? With experience, it could take a half day, an hour, or less. The tools required for this include a jack, new oil filter, oil drain pan,  new oil, rubber mallet, wheel blocks, and a couple of correct-sized wrenches. 

For better assistance, follow the guide:

  • Firstly, check the temperature of the engine. If it’s cold, waiting for 5-10 minutes is necessary for improving the flow of drains. When it’s hot, waiting for at least 20 minutes is recommended. 
  • After driving the car up and shutting off the engine, open the oil cap and pull out the engine dipstick.
  • Next, the drain pan will catch oil from the oil filter. Now you have the answer to how long does it take to do an oil change.
  • Now, apply a thin film of oil to the gasket of the new oil filter.
  • Once everything is done, start the engine and look for leaks under the vehicle. 

Then, you’re good to go!


Changing engine oil is an important part of proper vehicle maintenance. One can change their oil by themselves or opt for fast lube shops. Look for signs and symptoms indicating a change of oil for an efficient car engine and drive.

The article provides all the necessary information related to how long does an oil change take. While changing engine oil, inspect the tire pressure, battery water, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Discover how to run the automobile efficiently with this website!

Can I Change My Automobile Oil By Myself?

Yes. Changing your own automobile’s oil all by yourself is a great way to cut extra costs. However, only if someone possesses enough experience, tools, and time can it be done at home easily.

What Type Of Oil Is Preferred While Performing Oil Change?

To choose the right oil for your automobile, specify the weight of the oil the vehicle requires. How long does it take to do an oil change? Each oil has its own weight and viscosity ideal operating temperature of oil. Pay careful attention to details or seek professional help while selecting one.

How Often Should One Change Their Oil?

Changing an automobile’s oil is one of the crucial steps in maintaining the warranty, efficiency and safety of the vehicle. While the old thumb states it to get changed after it surpasses 3,000 miles, one can get it changed after 3 months.

Does changing the oil enhance the gas/fuel mileage of an automobile?

Oil helps keep the engine effectively protected from wear and tear as well as drawing heat from the engine. How long does an oil change take? With old, dirty oil, it takes extra effort thereby diminishing the fuel mileage. However, oil change helps gas mileage go further.

What Happens If One Doesn’t Change Their Oil?

Changing an automobile’s oil at regular intervals aids in extending the lifetime of the engine and other parts. 
The old oil can over time sludge causing friction points, clogging other parts, and even engine seizures. Therefore, it becomes very essential to ensure the oil change of the vehicle at regular intervals.