Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho is the mother of famous American actress Anya Taylor-joy. This actress is a well-known model featured in many films and award-winning shows. Her mother has been very supportive throughout her journey as an actress. 

Jennifer has loved every movie her daughter does such as The Witch, The Queen’s Gambit, The Miniaturist, etc. Anya is a beautiful and talented actress and has won numerous awards as the Critics choice television award, the Emmy award, the British academy film award, the Screen Guild award, and the Golden Globe award. 

At almost every award ceremony, Jennifer accompanies her daughter and shares her precious moments. The media always captures Jennfier Marina in their camera lenses and public eyes are never off her. There are many things that we don’t know about this beautiful mother-daughter duo. Let’s have a look at these details in brief. 

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho – A Celebrity Mother: 

Anya Taylor-joy is a popular actress who is always assisted by her amazingly cool mother Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho. She is a fairly well-reputed person who has broad experience as a psychologist. She was born in March 1961 in northern Rhodesia. In the early stage of her life, Jennifer resided in Zambia. Jennifer has a heart for two beautiful countries England and Spain. 

She strongly supports her children and develops an atmosphere of love and joy in the family.  Moreover, she has been a member of the community for many years and loves to volunteer in local societies. She also helps in organizing and likes to be a helping hand in various school events. 

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho Relationship:

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho is a modern personality, who has a past history of relationships. She and Dennis Taylor have had a relationship from Argentina to London. Dennis is their spouse of Jennifer and is the biological father of two children from Jennifer. 

He is mainly Scottish and has an origin in Argentina. He has past relationships and from his previous marriage, he has 4 children. Marina has a very generous nature in her relationship and she wishes to solve things rather than make them complicated. 

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho Career:

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho began her career by featuring in one of the television shows. The first show in which Jennifer made her debut was Endeavour released in 2004. While she also appeared in many episodes of the arc of Atlantis in 2006. 

Moreover, she has starred in one of the feature films, i.e, The Witch. In this, she portrayed the supposed role. The character was loved by everyone and this made her earn a Trophee Chopard Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

However, Jennifer was born in Northern Rhodesia, which is a small country in southern Africa. Being born to a British military family, Jennifer was a different personality. She migrated to Zambia and pursued psychology in her studies. She loves photography and interior design. Jennifer Marina has made her career as a psychotherapist and works as a professional photographer and interior designer. 

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho Family:

There she was staying with her mother, father, siblings, Montserrat, and David Joy.

Jennifer love to learn new ways in order to keep her family happy and together. She also makes her home look really appreciative. 

Recently, she installed a filtration system in her kitchen, to ensure that she provides the best quality of water to her family and kids. This show how much she cares for her family. She always keeps on changing her home setup and making her home look unique every time. 

Net Worth:

As we know, Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho is the mother of Anya Taylor-Joy, she obviously lives a prosperous and lavish life. Anya Taylor-Joy is a popular actress in America who has a net worth of approx $2 million at the start of her career. 

Being a woman of fame, she is observed as one of the biggest stars in the industry. Jennifer, being the mother of this celebrity, is enjoying and appreciating all her wealth and success. 

Apart from her daughter’s net worth, Jennifer has also been very prosperous in her career. She earned enormous money and has a wealthy husband. In total, it is assumed that she has a net worth of $6 to $7 million. As per the source of income, we can identify that she has a monthly source of $70 to $85 thousand. 

YearNet worth


Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho was born in March 1961, and as per this detail, we can determine that Jennifer is 61 years old latest by 2022. Though she has reached her mid-age, she does not seem one. She still is pretty and beautiful just like her daughter. Anya Taylor-Joy was born on 16th April 1996 and up till now, and she is in her mid-twenties. 

Both mother and daughter share a special bond and have an age difference of 35 years. Even after having such a wide gap between their ages, Jennifer never shows herself as a conservative mother. And she always assists her daughter to find ways and makes time to attend different events for her daughter. 

Bottom Line:

Now that we know all about Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho, we can say that she alone is capable of publicity and has the potential to come into the limelight of media. She has a very inspiring personality and a generous and supportive nature toward everyone. Jennifer loves her daughter – Anya Taylor-Joy very much, and will always continue to support her in every up and down of her career. 


What is the height and weight of Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho?

The height of Jennifer is 166 cm or 5 ft. 4 inches

The weight of Jennifer is 65 Kg or 143 lbs

Who is the husband of Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho?

The husband of Jennifer is Dennis Taylor, who is Scottish and Argentinian by origin. He is a former banker, OBE, and a successful businessman. 

What is the ethnicity of Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho?

The ethnicity of Jennifer is in both Spain and the United Kingdom. 

How old Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho is?

Age of Jennifer is 61 years. 

What is the profession of Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho?

She is a skilled photographer and a brilliant interior designer.