Solica Casuto is a well-known Greek actress born in 1950 in the United States of America. She came into the spotlight when she married famous American actor Andy Griffith. They both spent 8 years together until they divorced and separated from each other. In this article, we are going to discuss Solica Casuto’s biography, her marriage life, education, career, and everything. But before proceeding let us first know some facts about her.

Who is Solica Casuto?

Solica Casuto is a Greek actress and the second wife of the famous actor Andy Griffith. She was born on 1st June 1950 in the United States. She was a comedian, and television show producer and was very popular in her field. 

Short Wiki?

  • Name:- Silica Caputo
  • Nickname:- Silica
  • Profession:- Actress
  • Date Of Birth:- 1st June 1950
  • Age:- 72 years old(as of 2022)
  • Birthplace:- America   
  • Nationality:- Greek
  • Education:- Graduate
  • Hobbies:- Cooking
  • Religion:- Christianity
  • Father:- Not available
  • Mother:- Not available
  • Sister:- Not available
  • Brother:- Not available
  • Favorite Sports:- Cricket and Hockey
  • Favorite Sports:- Berlin, Germany
  • Marital Status:-  Divorced (married to Andy Griffith)
  • Marriage Date:- 1973
  • Spouse/Husband:- Andy Griffith (1973-1981)
  • Kid/Children:- No
  • Income source:– Acting
  • Weight:- 60kg or 132lbs
  • Height:– 5′ 6”
  • Eye color:- Hazel Blue
  • Hair color:– Black
  • Zodiac sign:- Aquarius
  • Instagram:- Not available
  • Facebook:- Not available
  • Twitter:- Not available
  • Net worth:- $1 million US Dollars (As of 2021)       


The information about the family of Solica Casuto is not known. She has not disclosed any details about herself in public till now. It is doubted that she has any siblings. As soon as we come to know about her family, we will let you know sooner or later.


Solica Casuto must have completed her schooling at some school. And further, we assume, she must have gone to some university or college for higher studies. But the name of the school and college or university is not known. Neither any related information is on the internet. 


Solica Casuto was a very beautiful and talented actress of her time. She was famous for her acting, dancing, and glamorous looks and physique. We are sure, she must have done enormous hard work to become an actress and secure such a standard. To be an actress, the most mandatory requirements are figure, talent, and confidence. This basic requirement should be present to take a step forward and achieve your goal. 

Only dreaming in your mind will not be of any help until you work hard to achieve it. Use every opportunity and chance to show your talent. We are sure Solica Casuto has done these things to succeed in her life. Aside from being an actress, she is also a great singer, author, and complete television producer.

Marriage Life:

No doubt Solica Casuto was famous for her acting, singing, and talent but her marriage also added a bit of popularity to her stardom. She was married to the famous American actor Andy Griffith. Moreover, Andy was also a comedian, television producer, and singer.

Solica Casuto was married in 1973 at the early age of 23. Though the marriage didn’t work out and lasted 8 long years. They got divorced and parted ways. She was not their first wife of Andy, he had already married Barbara Griffith earlier and had two kids with her.

After her marriage, they didn’t have kids and got divorced in 1981. Later on, due to our sources, we got to know that Solica was her second wife and was considered the beloved wife of Andy Griffith. They might have gotten divorced, but the news was published only after a decade.

Solica Casuto’s Husband Andy Griffith:

Solica Casuto was Andy’s second wife and their marriage only lasted for 8 years until they got separated. This was very unfortunate and heartbreaking for her fans but this incident happened. Let us know about her husband Griffith.

Andy Griffith’s real name is Andy Samuel Griffith. He was born in the year 1926 and his date and month of birth are said to be June 1. Griffith was a very bright and talented student at the University of North Carolina in 1945. His career stretched to seven decades in music and television. 

He was previously married to Barbara Edward on August 22, 1949. They were happily married until they got divorced and separated in 1972. He was a phenomenal actor and acted marvelously in some of his movies like Winter Kill, Hearts of the West, Diary of a Perfect, Play the Game, Return to Mayberry, etc.

Solica Casuto husband Andy Griffith died on July 3, 2012, from a heart attack. He took his last breath at the age of 86 at his coastal home I’m Manteo, North Carolina. He was buried in his family cemetery on the island. It was the end of a great man and a great actor that the world had seen. His fans still moan and pray for his soul to be in rest forever.

Relationship Status And Other Information:

Talking about Solica Caputo’s relationship status, her marriage with actor, and producer Andy Griffith who was a singer and comedian as well. They were with each other for eight years and had no kids. They separated and went their own way. The present relationship status of Solica Casuto is not known.

They were in touch with each other until Andy’s death though they got divorced. Andy died in the year 2012. They are in touch after the divorce this shows they were in so much love when they were in a relationship. Unfortunately, their relationship ended sooner than expected. It seems that they were inseparable but some unforeseen circumstances made them separate which is very unfortunate.

Net Worth:

Solica Casuto is a Greek actress by profession. In addition, she is a singer, and producer of television shows, and singer. Being in many professions which have a good income, we estimate that she would have earned a large sum of money. The hard-core estimation of her net worth will be one million dollars approximately. 

Bottom Line: 

Hence, these were the things that we must know about Solica Casuto. The things that are unavailable about her will soon be updated no sooner we get the relevant information. So, till then stay tuned with us for more similar and latest information.

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