While sharing your most confidential PDF documents with others, you should prioritize online data security. Certainly, a lot of documents in PDF format are sent to various guys. These documents can be hacked and destroyed by wicked persons. Therefore, to prevent such online cybercrime and piracy, try to do your best to secure your valuable PDF documents online. 

Why Do You Need to Secure Your Online PDF Documents?

The necessity of securing online PDF documents can’t be forgotten. Digital data in PDF format should not be handed over to hackers. They will distort the information in your pdf files. 

If you store a company’s confidential formula and marketing strategies in the shape of a PDF, you must have the responsibility of protecting all the details without delay. In this connection, you should be aware of the latest technologies to ensure 100 percent PDF security online. 

If you properly secure your pdf files, there is no way of copying the content for hacking. For this reason, you must have a different parameter to safeguard all your copyrights and documents in PDF formats. 

Learn the Methods of Protecting Online PDF Documents

When you try to stop PDF file copying, you must be knowledgeable about the latest tricks of how to block the process of content copying. For example, by choosing the Open Password, you can deactivate the pdf files to open. None is able to enter into the pdf documents. 

Then, the second method is to opt for the Permission Password. To do that, you need to prohibit the third party from opening and copying the content in your PDF documents. These two steps are essential for you to remove the possibility of content copying from your PDF documents online. 

Change the Existing Password for Safety

Hackers are extremely cunning in searching for confidential details in any format like HTML or PDF. They use sophisticated software to find the current password for unlocking the PDF documents online. Their ill intentions should be minimized and controlled.

One of the simple tricks to protect pdf documents on the internet is to change your old password frequently. When you build up the password, you must use the odd numerical numbers and letters to avoid easy trapping. Hackers can’t trace the newly formed passwords easily. 

Opt for PDF Encryption Service:

The pdf encryption service is helpful for anyone who is worried about the safety of the pdf documents. If your PDF documents are encrypted for security purposes, the need for extra data security is low. None can unlock the files for easy data access. In this regard, you can check the reviews to have a conception of the latest PDF encryption service. 

How to Lock PDF Documents Using Innovative Methods?

If you have the worst experience with sudden data loss due to pdf copying, you should be cautious. By locking your PDF documents, you can overtake the situation going out of your hands. 

Steps to Follow for PDF Locking:

  • Use the Foxit Phantom PDF tool
  • Open the software on your system
  • Go for the option starting with Protect > Secure Document > Password Protect.”
  • The alternative is the formulae like this File” > “Properties” > “Security”
  • Select Password Protection from the menu list
  • Put your new password for locking the PDF documents 

Reset Your User Password for More PDF Security:

Your pdf documents are subject to copying and hacking because of the interference of the user to hack your confidential pdf documents. Only the owner’s password can’t be reset. You should take the initiative to fix up the user password.

Handpick the strongest user password which is known to you alone. This unknown password for the user will make it difficult for him to crack the software to have the pdf content. For example, an open-source password manager is very user-friendly to have machine-generated passwords to use for security purposes. 

There is another way to watermark a PDF for the security of your digital components. This watermark warns the users not to copy and bypass the pdf content to third parties violating the copyrights. 

Use Proton Drive to Protect Your PDF Documents Online: 

To enhance the quality of password protection through encryption, you must feel it is a must for selecting Proton Drive. This is a different system or software to let you manage the complicated PDF hacking issues.


Whether you protect your pdf documents by changing passwords or encrypting the pdf document, you should be trained. Or you can watermark a PDF file to reduce the frequency of content copying. You must have clear-cut knowledge about the methods of password fixing and encryption of documents in PDF mode. To resist online data hacking, it is essential for every webmaster to secure PDF documents and digital files from hackers.