Data encryption is a method of turning the plain text into ciphertext using the symbols at random. This encrypted scriptis not understood by others. The complicated text in the cipher is not subject to hacking and copying. Therefore, for data security, you can opt for the encryption method. There are many benefits of using this type of encrypted language. The online pdf online documents or files can be protected through the encryption process. Know about the types of online content encryption. 

How Does Data Encryption Perform?

The main objective of data encryption is to divert the attention of the hackers to hack the materials. The symbolic ciphertext is written randomly without using punctuations. Therefore,hackers are puzzled to simplify the text. 

Different Methods of Encryption for Awesome Data Security:

While evaluating the methods of encryption for data protection, you should know its different types. Usually, there are two categories of data encryption methods like symmetry and asymmetry. In this regard , there is another alternative for encryption. Learn how to make a watermark for minimizing the risk of copying.

Symmetric Data Encryption:

Under the category of symmetric data encryption, the user has configured a secret key which is not easy to access. This embedded configured key is the password to open and check the cyphertext. Only the recipient and sender of the data can unlock the encrypted data files using this secret key. Experts also call it a private key. A few examples of symmetric data encryption methods are Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Triple DES (TDES).

Asymmetric Data Encryption:

Asymmetric data encryption is another variant which is also used for data encryption. In this section, you will have to collect two keys for the whole operation. One is a public key and another one is a private key . it is a little bit typical for you to complete the entire process of asymmetric data encryption. 

For instance, with a public key, you can encrypt and decrypt the content. This public key is shared with others . However, the private key decodes the information encrypted by the public key. Remember , you should opt for the different keys for encrypt and decrypt the text. For examples , you can take Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA). 

Asymmetric Vs Symmetric Encryption: 

Asymmetric and symmetric encryptions are popular. People like to apply these two encryption methods to reinforce online cyber security. However, there are many similarities and dissimilarities of two variants – symmetric and asymmetric encryptions. 

Practically, the asymmetric data encryption is a new method compared to that symmetric one. Here, data recipient is given the private key whereas the symmetric encryption is much more user-friendly. For larger data encryption, experts prefer the symmetric encryption method. Besides, the asymmetric process is time-consuming and the symmetric encryption is worth the effect. 

AES – Upgraded Symmetric Encryption Method:

The Advanced Encryption Standard is a type of symmetric variant which is applicable to data encryption. It is considered to be a universal standard parameter to transform the plain text into the random cipher text. The AES system encrypted 128 bit data blocks for different purposes like online wi-fi security, SSL/TLS protocols and VPN server security .

Triple Data Encryption Standard:

For 56 bit data encryption, you can try Triple Data Encryption Standard symmetric Triple DES or 3DES. This is an advanced level of symmetric data/pdf text encryption. The quality of data security is high because of the availability of three times data screening for blocking the process of content copying. The examples of Triple Data Encryption Standard are UNIX passwords, Other payment systems and ATM pin settings. 

Rivest Shamir Adleman:

Rivest Shamir Adleman is a different variant which is an asymmetric encryption method. It is a vast encryption system to cover a large area from one transit to another across the virtual platform. You can transcribe the large volume of plain text into the cipher text on the internet

Here users use a number of numerical figures to enhance the data encryption. The examples of Rivest Shamir Adleman are messaging, payments encryption and files/documents encryption. 


These effective methods of encryption are worth the money. You can protect your large number of confidential digital files and online documents with the help of symmetric and asymmetric encryption variants. You should decide which encryption variant you will choose for the better formation of ciphertext random.