After alcohol, cannabis is the most commonly used mind-altering drug in the United States. It is outlawed in some places and legal in others for medical and recreational purposes. The medicine is derived from the hemp plant. Cannabis compounds are found in the leaves and blooming branches.

Recreational cannabis dispensaries are regulated physical locations that allow customers to buy and use marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. They’re also a great place to learn about cannabis.

While they’re still nascent, there are over a hundred licensed dispensaries nationwide. 

What is a dispensary?

A dispensary is a place that sells marijuana products. These locations are legalized and safe to enter in certain states.

The types of cannabis products that a Brattleboro dispensary sells can differ from state to state, depending on the laws in each jurisdiction. These products can include buds, concentrates, edibles, and more.

When customers or patients walk into a dispensary, they are usually greeted by a staff member. These employees are responsible for assisting customers/patients with purchases and answering questions.

Dispensaries also have a back-of-house (BOH), a secure area not visible to customers. This space is where inventory is stored and audited, primarily by the store’s inventory manager.

How do I get a dispensary card?

If you want a dispensary card, you’ll need to apply online. You must provide your name, address, and proof of age.

After your application is approved, you’ll receive a temporary ID valid for 30 days. You can then access a medical cannabis dispensary or recreational cannabis store.

How do I pay for my purchase?

You can pay for your purchase in a variety of ways. For example, you can either visit the dispensary in person or order your selections ahead of time and pick them up at the store.

However, because marijuana is illegal at the federal level, many dispensaries can’t accept credit cards. So, until cannabis is legalized, they must rely on cash payments and other workarounds.

Some dispensaries also use “cashless ATMs” to process debit card transactions. It is illegal federally and breaks the policies of most payment processors, but it’s still widely used.

How do I get my product delivered?

Whether you’re looking to stock up for a party or want to order some cannabis products for yourself, dispensary delivery is an excellent option. It can save you time and money while helping reduce your overall stress level.

While delivery has become a popular trend across many industries, it can be challenging. Significant regulations must be met before delivery services can be implemented.

What should I bring to the dispensary?

You must bring specific items to the dispensary, whether a novice or experienced smoker. For starters, you’ll need cash.

Because cannabis remains federally illegal, financial institutions won’t take your money, so most dispensaries remain cash-only.

Once you have your ID and a list of products, the budtender will guide you through the check-out process. Then, they will input your information into state-required software and print compliant receipts.

Once you’ve purchased, the budtender will charge your total and apply any due taxes. Remember, you’ll be paying sales tax and social equity excise fees, so it’s essential to be prepared for these fees.