For couples who have been together for a long time and even more so if they have children, it can be exceedingly difficult to find time to work on and nurture their relationship. One of the best ways to rekindle that fire is to plan a Weekend Getaway.

So, with that being said, continue reading to learn of five ideas for the ultimate romantic weekend getaway. 

1. Organize a Foodie Retreat:

If you and your partner love a slap-up meal with all the trimmings, arrange a weekend getaway in gastronomic heaven in a country-style restaurant and hotel.

You do not need to go far from home, although if you have the time, money, and inclination to book a surprise week in the South of France, then go right ahead. If not, take a look on the internet for hidden gems; restaurants run by families and smaller, more intimate settings. 

2. Sleep Under the Stars:

For a beautiful and thoughtful surprise for your other half, instead of searching for the best hotel deals in the city, you could instead plan for camping, or even glamping, a trip to a nearby forest or national park. 

Look at the wide variety of campgrounds near Lake George, NY, and instead choose a picturesque and truly outstanding scenery for the backdrop to your romantic Weekend Getaway. Tips and tricks to ensure your camping vacation is a romantic one include:

  • Only pack a double sleeping bag and share a quilt
  • Fix battery-operated string lights to the inside of the tent
  • Take firewood for a cozy campfire 
  • Plan to stargaze once the sun sets
  • Bring your loved ones’ favorite bottle of wine… or two

3. A Murder Mystery Weekend:

When looking for a more active and immersive idea for a romantic break then why not consider a murder mystery weekend

You could even upgrade your stay to a luxury, VIP level of entertainment and amenities and choose a murder mystery whereby you and your partner take part yourselves, or else simply sit back, have a few drinks, and watch the story unfold.

For those not scared of the dark, some murder mystery weekends combine the mystery itself with lodgings inside an allegedly suspicious ‘death’ that guests need to solve, in an immersive and interactive weekend.

4. A Luxury Spa Getaway

The fourth and final suggestion for the perfect romantic Weekend Getaway with your loved one is to book a luxury spa getaway, either in your local town or city or elsewhere further afield. 

There are many reasons why spas are the choice of couples of all ages and plenty of different backgrounds, not least because spa treatments and saunas are beneficial not just to the body, but to the emotional health and wellbeing as well. 

Sharing this healing and recuperating experience will bring you both together and help reduce stress and anxiety levels, encourage the natural release of dopamine and serotonin, and benefit from smoother skin and radiant and glowing features.