One type of branded apparel is scrubs which see a good deal of use in the medical field. Scrubs are used in the medical profession and related industries for an assortment of reasons. With scrubs being essentially the uniform of the industry scrub programs also see widespread use. The purpose of scrubs in the medical industry is multifaceted and here is a broader explanation of why that is.

Why Scrubs Are Needed In a Medical Setting

There is no one key reason why scrubs have become the chosen type of clothing for those in the medical field. It is instead a combination of factors that have made Scrub Programs so widely used in hospital and clinical settings. Scrubs are nearly unavoidable in medicine and serve an important role.

  • Prevent The Spread of Pathogens: in a hospital or clinic preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria is critical. Scrubs are a garment that is spotless and replaced regularly. This helps ensure that illnesses and infections are not spread throughout a hospital.
  • Mobility: when working in medicine you have to be able to move around easily. Scrubs are a comfortable and lightweight garment that makes doing the often intensive work involved with medical care possible. Also, due to not having belt loops or pockets scrubs won’t get caught on things increasing overall safety.
  • Identification: Scrub Programs are a quick visual signifier that you work in the medical field. However, hospitals can go well beyond that surface-level identification and use colors that tell patients not only that you work in a hospital but also what part of it you work in. Being able to identify cardiologists or surgeons at first glance can be a beneficial thing to know.

The Value of a Scrub Programs and Why You Should Have One

Due to scrubs being so essential in hospitals and clinics many of these locations make use of a scrubs program. A scrubs program involves a medical facility ordering scrubs from an outside provider and providing them to their employees as needed. There are many practical reasons to make use of such a service.

  • Easier Replacement: like any other type of clothing scrubs become worn down and need replacing. Due to the nature of the medical industry and the challenges involved scrub replacements are a common need. When you have a scrubs program your employees can easily acquire new scrubs as needed. This makes things easier for your employees and also avoids overuse of scrubs that may no longer be suitable for wear.
  • Cleaning Services: when hospitals and clinics make use of a scrub program they often provide cleaning on-site. This is very practical as having clean scrubs is vital for patient and employee safety. Plus due to having a supply of scrubs on hand, you can easily provide scrubs while others are being cleaned.
  • Employee Convenience: providing scrubs to your employees can also be seen as an employee benefit and can certainly make being properly dressed easier. When a scrubs program is in place your employees do not have to worry about replacing or buying their scrubs. This also helps prevent incidents such as an employee forgetting their scrubs at home. With a scrub program in place your employees always have access to scrubs when they need them.

Final Thoughts

As the above information shows scrubs are a key part of the medical industry due to patient safety, employee safety, overall comfort, and job needs. While not every medical location has a scrub program there are many advantages to doing so. Having such a program in place makes scrub needs easier to manage, helps avoid common errors, and increases employee satisfaction.