As you might have guessed, the plot is incredibly intriguing, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years Chapter 23. It is the most recent chapter that is currently available. The fact that 23 chapters have already been out being proof of how well-liked the chapters are. 

The main plot includes Han Jue learning he may live his life like a video game after being resurrected in a world of cultivation. He has the option of rolling over his connate providence and cultivation potential. He then rerolls for 11 years in the hopes of finding a decent one

Find all information on the main storyline, the characters, the sect, the world, and their whole universe in this post.  


In this section, we shall discuss everything in Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years Chapter 23. The main protagonist of the story is Han Jue who realizes that his life is just like the one in the video games. So he must cultivate his skills and potential to defeat Elder Irons. He is very charming which is unlike anyone else’s. He also has a top-notch Sword Dao learning potential. Later in this piece, we’ll go into more detail about his skills.

Han Jue makes the decision to cultivate covertly in an effort to live a long life. Generations of cultivators have passed into history after a millennium. The gods then begin purging the world of humans. Han Jue must take action because she can no longer run. He then understands that gods and deities aren’t actually all that strong.


Han Jue:

He is the most potent Heavenly Sage and the founder of the Hidden Sect. His second persona is commonly referred to as the “Dark Forbidden Lord,” a covert propagandist of Darkness who schemes within the background and is a mystifying cultivator. 

Because he used the Book of Misfortune to cast curses on all of his opponents, they all perished in some of the most agonizing and horrifying ways possible. It makes him the most infamous and dreaded of the immortals in Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years Chapter 23. He is also known for his terrible curses.

He is the most powerful Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage and the founder of the Hidden Sect. His second identity is notoriously known as the “Dark Forbidden Lord,” a covert cultivation and spreader of Darkness who schemes behind the scenes and is an enigmatic cultivator of the Immortal Realm. 

Since he used the Book of Misfortune to cast curses on every opponent, they all perished in the worst agonizing and horrifying ways possible. Making him the most infamous and dreaded of the immortals known for his terrible curses.

Xing Hongxuan:

She was the novel’s first introduction to a lady. Han Jue would always receive gifts when Xing Hongxuan returned from a training session. He never expressed gratitude to her, but he always remembered it.

Elder Iron’s:

When Han Jue’s Parents left, he stayed at their home and managed their garden with the help of the housekeepers. Despite the fact that Han Jue didn’t want to approach him due to the two stars of hatred he had for him. The fact that he was an alchemy master and had performed admirable acts at the time, he didn’t move against Han Jue. Han Jue takes inspiration from his passing to seek immortality and live a long life.

Xuan Qingjun:

She is incredibly skilled and was born with an innate Dao Heart. Xuan Qingjun sought to overcome the Dao and reach the immortal world eight hundred years ago. She consequently constructed a mortal body. The primary body is hidden deep within her core spirit. 

In doing so, her human body consolidates the Dao Heart while traveling the globe and experiencing all facets of existence. The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths are full of remnants of her. She joined the Jade Pure Sect three years ago and has been sheltering there ever since, and there she met Han Jue.


  • Immortal World
  • Star Universe
  • Chaos
  • 8th Chaos Planet Earth
  • Blank Realm 
  • Final Origin Realm


  • Reroll World 
  • Immortal World

The Plot:

Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years Chapter 23 involves entering a brand-new era. Han Jue has a system that allowed him to decide his fate, and roll the dice on his potential for cultivation. He had been rolling the dice every day. Approximately four thousand rolls passed from the time he was born and the age of eleven.

Every 24 hours, he gets to roll dice once. Han Jue persisted despite the fact that his attempts typically produced Trash Cultivation Potential. He would get ready in the morning and hold off till the attributes to update before getting out of bed because, to him, there was uncertainity. Ever since his reincarnation, he was eager to do this each day.

Han’s Journey:

Han Jue made a commitment that he swore to himself that he will never permit to live like a common mortal. As a result, he kept up his daily exercise routine and dice-rolling. He typically acquired Mixed Cultivation potential, but he never gave up hope and ultimately succeeded in cultivating a Godlike Cultivation Potential.

Han Jue didn’t care because he had no desire for vengeance. He continued to advance and was inspired by this. Han Jue eventually attained what he had always coveted.

His Skills:

He eventually had good luck and rolled the following characteristics.

  1. After the game starts, you will receive one thousand superior-grade spirit stones and an unrivaled cultivation method as you are a descendant of the Immortal Emperor.
  2. Superior Mobility Skill which means outstanding motion tactic ability.
  3. A top-notch Sword Dao aptitude and Sword Dao study prodigy, Destined Sword Fanatic
  4. Unmatched Eternal beauty, superior appeal.
  5. Potential for Cultivation: Spiritual Make-up of the Six Paths. Excellent all elements and thunder cultivation potentials are present. Increases providence in some measure.


So we now believe that we have covered everything in Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years Chapter 23.  The primary protagonist, his antagonist, and two other characters that are essential to the story have all been described, along with the plot. The chapters also include descriptions of the planets and universes that are addressed. You now primarily understand the plot of Han’s trip and all of his abilities.

We tried our best not to ruin the story for you so you can experience the chapters yourself. It is definitely worth it. 

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