The vertal is an emerging name in the leading websites working to provide the aid to deaf and mute. Imagine a place where a deaf/mute person can convey them easily without the need for others. How would it feel? Amazing, right?

Earth is a beautiful place with varied people existing on it. Each person has their fair share of beauty and struggles. Technology is constantly evolving with devices and systems to bridge the gap between the struggles and make the earth an amazing place for everyone. 

In this article, we are going to introduce a website specifically equipped with the latest technology aiding communication-disabled people. Keep reading to discover the idea behind this and the real-life experience of users.

What Is Vertal?

The vertal is an initiative by a small group of people that helps to ease the hearing and communication aid. The term ‘Vertal’ is extracted from a Dutch word meaning ‘translate’. Deaf/mute people have endured the pain of not being heard and seen over the years. 

With the advancement of science, technology has evolved and laid the foundation for this aid. The application/website deploys the use of artificial intelligence in translating sign languages and facilitating communication easily. This enables hearing and speech-deprived people to find a way to communicate with the world. 

Moreover, the site also has a variety of entertainment options like movies, podcasts, and music for deaf-mute users. The vertal helps in making deaf/mute people’s lives easier by turning different languages into sign language videos and vice-versa.

How Vertal Bridges The Gap Between Deaf And Mute To The World?

There are almost 63 million people in India who suffer from partial or total deafness in India. Although there are almost 250 certified sign language interpreters, these people suffer from a lack of communication in their everyday lives. 

There are only about 1-2% of deaf people who access education through sign language across the globe. A small group of people came together to develop an initiative that can help these people live a nearly normal life. 

Imagine a person learning a language by doing proper movements and controlling the airflow, yet producing an inappropriate sound and tone. That’s how deaf people feel when learning to speak. 

The vertal serves as a medium providing them a voice to live their lives easier. The website-cum-application is developed in such a way that it translates various languages into sign language videos and vice-versa. Thereby, helping individuals understand, learn, and converse with them.


What Is the Design Methodology Behind This Application/ Website?

The website is developed with AI-generated understandable and convertible features that help in recognizing personal needs, designing an intricate system specifically for them, and delivering the service to them. The site undergoes the following process to satisfy the needs of the users:

  • Discover: The first step is discovering the user by conducting secondary and primary research. 
  • Define: Once the user gets discovered, the site identifies the persona and customizes journey and empathy maps for them.
  • Dream: In this process of vertal, the AI learns about the scenario, and ideation and conducts storyboarding for them.
  • Design: The site designs the program for the user through task flows, IA, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Develop: Then, the site develops visual designs for the users. 
  • Delivery: The final step wherein the usability gets tested by the user.

Features Of Vertal Website:

The vertal is equipped with certain amazing features that help deaf-mute people communicate easily. Let’s have a look at these:

1. Easy-to-use Interface: 

The website has an easy-to-use user-friendly interface that offers both deaf-mute and non-deaf/mute people various ways of logging in and signing up for an account. 

2. Translation Made Easy:

The application has an AI-based translation process that can generate a translation of various videos, audio, and memos in sign language. Moreover, the site can translate over hundreds of languages.

3. Special Sign Language Features:

The app is equipped with sign language features in everything like a sign language keyboard, trending news in sign language, and a customizable sign dictionary. 

One can also control playback speed for understanding oralism and make choices between single and double-hand sign language while watching them on vertal.  

4. Connect With The World:

The application enables deaf-mute users to connect with the world through chatting and sharing translated videos with users across the globe.

5. Entertainment Options:

The website also offers different entertainment options such as podcasts, music, and movie collections in sign language available for deaf and mute people. 

Real-time Feedbacks By Users:

It is completely alright to be a little skeptical about the effectiveness of the application. Therefore, we bring you real-time feedback from users to help you ease your second thoughts. 

Persona 1:

‘I have been using this application for a long time now and I can proudly communicate with others. I have had profound hearing loss since a very young age. Being born into a family of doctors, I aspired to become an otolaryngologist. However, my disability set me apart from fulfilling my dreams. The website vertal gave me hope by learning sign language and also an opportunity to converse with people across the globe without feeling ashamed’, says an 11-year-old user. 

Persona 2:

‘I am a mother to a 12-year-old son who has been hard of hearing since birth. It gets so confusing and disheartening when I can’t understand my child’s emotions. I tried conveying my emotions but he can’t seem to understand anything at all. I heard of the application vertal and installed it. It helped me understand sign language and convey my thoughts in a better understandable way. I also introduced the site to my son and our bond has grown stronger than ever, says a 37-year-old housewife.


The vertal is an initiative to provide a medium for deaf-mute people to learn sign language and converse with the world. More than 90% of the general public is ignorant of the deaf-mutes. They live an unemployed, uncontent, and lonely life keeping their thoughts to themselves. Not anymore! 

With vertal, one can translate any language to sign language and vice-versa for better understanding and conveying of thoughts. Moreover, the site also enables non-deafs/mutes to learn sign languages for their loved ones. Let’s make this a better planet for everyone to live on! 

What vertal is?

The vertal is an application/website typically designed for providing hearing aid to deaf/mute people. The site also provides various entertainment options for such users.

How does vertal aid mute and deaf people?

This AI-based website/application makes mute and deaf people’s lives easier by turning various languages into sign language videos and vice versa.

Is Vertal reliable?

The trustability of a website depends on its performance and capability to deliver the desired result. It has proved beneficial and helped the users to carry out communication easily.

What methodology is equipped by Vertal?

The vertal uses artificial intelligence technology in discovering, defining, designing, developing, and delivering the languages handily.

How to get started with Vertal?

To get started with vertal, follow these steps:
Switch to vertal application.
Then, sign up with it by using your information. You can also skip the sign-up process if you wish.
Set up your profile or select your role for non-signed users.
Once you’re done with the profile, you land on the home page of the site wherein you can easily choose languages/videos and translate them to get the desired result.