The beginning after the end is a very heartwarming and unique novel in the form of manga and manhwa. 

The beginning after the end is a perfect webcomic for thrill and fantasy lovers. Also known as TBATE as it’s a story of a whole different realm with different beings. 

The imaginative power of the writer takes us to a whole different world with mages, godly beings, and mana beasts. The main protagonist of this story is a boy named Arthur Leywin and the story revolves around his adventures and special past. 

So in this article let’s discuss in detail this unique and mysterious fictional world and get ready to brace yourself for some spoilers. 


Beginning After the End is a very popular webcomic in the form of manga and manhwa. The core of the story is King Grey who was murdered and reincarnated as Arthur Leywin in a different world of magic. 

In this mysterious world, he learned to wield his mana or magical powers at a  very young age. Since then Arthur just got more and more powerful in order to protect his family and friends. 

The beginning after the end manga is a perfect balance of romance, mystery, action, and fantasy. The art of this manga is also clean and amazing. You should definitely read it. 

Amazing Work Of TurtleMe:

Brandon Lee popularly known as TurtleMe is the writer of The Beginning After the End. He is officially known as TurtleMe. Born in Korea and his current residence is in Washington DC he is well known for his works in manhwas like this. 

His fantasy manhwas are very unique and interesting with sharp, neat, and beautiful sketches. His first work was the beginning after the end however due to its popularity and demand it was released much later on July 6, 2018. It’s currently an ongoing manga. 

Is The Beginning After The End A Manga Or A Novel? 

The beginning after the end is adapted in both the novel as well as manga. The novel is as popular as the beginning after the end manga. The first volume of the novel was released on January 18, 2017. 

Till now nine of its volumes have been released in a sequence of Early Years, New Heights, Beckoning Fates, Horizon’s Edge, Convergence, Transcendence, Divergence, Ascension, and Reckoning. 

The Story Of A New Life Journey:

One of the most popular storylines in mangas and manhwas is reincarnation. However, it’s a very interesting reincarnation story in this manga as the ruler of a country King Grey was murdered and was reborn as a mage in a different world of Dicathen as Arthur Leywin. 

Even after being born into a different world with different parents he still remembers his past life. Soon he recognised it was not the ordinary world he was born into. It’s a magical world with mages, godly beings, and mana beasts. 

He learned to wield his magical powers or mana at a very young age of three. After that Arthur becomes more and more powerful to protect his family and friend and is unstoppable. The name beginning after the end suits best for this manga due to its astonishing storyline. 

Some Popular Characters Of Beginning After The End Manga

1. Arthur Leywin:

Arthur Leywin is the main protagonist of this webcomic. It’s a very interesting and unique character as he was a king in his previous life and was reincarnated as Arthur in a whole new world after his murder. 

Despite being born again he remembers his past life. He reincarnates as a mage in his second life and started using his magical abilities at a very young age. He desires to get even stronger as he grows up to protect the weak and to find the true purpose of his life. 

2. Sylvie:

As the Dicathen continent is full of mages and mana beasts Arthur has his own mana beast, Sylvie. She is a very powerful and trustworthy companion of Arthur. From the day she was born, she was with him. 

3. Tessia Eralith:

The work of TurtleMe surprises the fans with the story and sketches. Tessia is a very beautiful and well-mannered elf. She is the best friend of Arthur and her grandfather taught Arthur a lot of things. She is not only a beauty but also a powerful mage. 

4. Agrona Vritra:

Agrona Vritra is the main adversary character of the beginning after the end. He is a very strong and cruel mage and the head of the Vritra clan. He wants to rule the whole Dicathen continent and use the innocent people as slaves. 

Is It Worth To Read The Beginning After The End? 

The beginning after the end manga is a heaven for fantasy and trill lovers. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this webcomic. 

  • The manga has a unique fantasy story of a born reborn as a mage in a different world. After being murdered in his previous life as a king it’s a whole new experience for him. 
  • Beginning after the end has a perfect balance in the story. It’s a rollercoaster of romance, action, thrill, and drama with a unique style of magic and mana beasts. 
  • All the characters in this manga are very distinctive and special. The main protagonist and antagonist have a very heavy presence and the supporting characters are also well portrayed.

Anime Adaptation Of The Beginning After The End:

The Beginning After the End is a very popular manga and novel. Due to its popularity, there are high chance that it may get adapted as an anime. The fans are demanding the anime adaption of this manga however it’s not confirmed yet when will it get adapted. 

Bottom Line:

The beginning after the end is a very renowned manga and novel. It’s an isekai or fantasy manga that will keep you bound to itself from the start. The unique and thrilling storyline of this manga will amaze you. 

The story is about a boy Arthur Leywin who was reborn in a different world. He was a king in his previous life and he even remembers his previous life. It will grab your attention as the story proceeds and a lot of things take a new turn. 

It’s a perfect balance of action, romance, drama, friendship and fantasy. Every character is very nicely portrayed in this manga and the artwork is also fantastic. You should definitely give it a try. 

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