One Punch Man season 3 release date has been announced officially, as the long wait of the fans is about to be over. The action-packed adventures of Saitama and his superhero comrades have entertained audiences worldwide. Now the news of the arrival of a new season has generated a whirlwind of excitement. In this article, we will let you know the expectations, speculations, and some facts that you need to know about One Punch Man before season 3 comes out.

When exactly is the new season coming?

In August of 2022, there was a rumor that season 3 of OPM would be released before the end of 2023. But, due to the uncertainty of the production house or director, it was delayed.

Finally, it might be time to start the countdown for the One Punch Man season 3 release date as the official Twitter account has announced it.

There is no official date but it is very likely that the new season will be aired around April 2024.

Little Recap for you:

Much anticipated One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime series among anime fans. The story begins with a boy named Saitama who mastered his power to defeat any opponent with a single punch. Eventually, he becomes frustrated by his overwhelming strength as no one can stand before him and he can’t enjoy a fight. 

Saitama becomes bored and seeks meaning in his life as a superhero. He joins the Hero Association where hundreds of heroes are there to fight the villains and the organization ranks heroes based on their abilities. As his journey goes on, he encounters various villains and forms friendships with other heroes, including Genos, a cyborg disciple who admires his strength.

As Saitama continues to effortlessly defeat enemies, he becomes increasingly desensitized to the thrill of battle. However, when a powerful villain named Garou appears, Saitama’s strength may finally be put to the test. Now that the long wait is going to be over shortly for season 3, fans are eagerly hoping for a thrilling action-packed story in the new season.

Any Trailer for OPM Season 3?

No official trailer or poster has been released till now. But we might get it soon enough as the production is underway.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Netflix

The first season of the OPM is streaming on Netflix but the second season is available on Crunchyroll. Now the speculation is that the new season is likely to be released on Crunchyroll in 2024. Though the release date is not confirmed, following the previous season it can be said that season 3 will come in April.

Season 1, produced by Madhouse, a renowned studio, has 12 episodes. Season 2 was produced by JC Staff, a lesser-known Studio, and also has 12 episodes. It suggests that Season 3 will also contain 12 episodes.

Expectations from OPM Season 3:

The Cliffhanger: Saitama’s New Threat:

Season 2 of One Punch Man left fans on the edge of their seats with a major cliffhanger. The stakes for our heroes have increased with the arrival of the new opponent Garou, a former student of Silver Fang. Fans are hoping for an explosive clash in Season 3 as Saitama has not yet faced Garou, appearing unconcerned by the threat.

The Return of Old and New Faces:

One of the highlights of One Punch Man has been the diverse cast of characters. Season 3 is expected to bring back beloved characters such as Genos, the cyborg teenager who is Saitama’s loyal sidekick. The hype is also increased by suggestions that additional fan favorites like King, Tatsumaki, and Metal Bat may play significant parts. It will satisfy the fans more if some new heroes and villains enter the show to make the series more entertaining.

Animation and Fighting Sequences:

When it comes to animation quality, One Punch Man has raised the bar, flawlessly balancing the incredible fight scenes. Fans are expecting Season 3 to maintain the same level of animation excellence, if not surpass it. 

From Saitama’s effortlessly devastating punches to the intricate and intense battles between heroes and monsters, the animation prowess has become a trademark of the series. So, now, the expectations are no less to watch some high-quality stunning fight scenes.

Deeper Character Development:

Fans love OPM for its exciting fights, but the series is also good at making its characters more interesting. It is expected that in Season 3 Saitama will grow as a character, revealing more about his hidden abilities and making him seem more like a regular person, not just an unbeatable hero.

Possible Plotlines of Season 3:

Possible storylines for One Punch Man Season 3 are a subject of much speculation. It is predictable that in the next season, the show might show us more about how the superhero group works. Fans want to know how the rankings and the group itself really work. 

Assumptions are that Season 3 will focus on Garou who will become a very strong villain, and they will team up to stop him. Fans are really excited for a surprising storyline of the new season.

We have to admit that so many unanswered questions are there related to OPM Season 3. Like, who will direct the new season? Which studio will take over for season 3? What will be the exact release date? I guess we have nothing to do regarding these things except for waiting patiently. Have no worries, we will let you know if any further updates come up.


With a top-class storyline, memorable characters, and full of action sequences, One Punch Man has made a special place in the hearts of anime lovers. As fans patiently wait for Season 3, the expectations and speculations continue to grow. 

The upcoming season of this masterpiece would focus on Saitama’s encounters with Garou and the ensuing conflicts. One Punch Man’s third season has the ability to take it to new heights among the top-rated series. Until then, we eagerly anticipate the next punch that Saitama bangs onto some new monsters.