People are currently surrounded by technology. Chose social media to talk to each other virtually. With the advancement of the internet, human technology has started to improve. One such means of communication is WhatsApp, through which we can virtually talk to people anywhere in the world. In this, we have the necessary conversations with each other. We can easily send any picture, file, or document. But the problem is when our phone gets old or almost unusable. In this case, we have a lot of problems transferring WhatsApp files to another phone. Many people may have tried to find a lot of information for transfer whatsapp from android to iphone. Again, many people can see transfer whatsapp from iphone to android as well. But you did not get any accurate information.

Our article today to solve your problem in such a situation. You can easily transfer files for free with the help of Mobiletrans – Whatsapp transfer and Wutsapper. This software can solve all your problems in a very simple way.

You may have seen many articles on the internet as to how to transfer whatsApp files phone to phone freely. But you are seeing this article today because you have proved for yourself how dependent they are. We’re sure you’re reading the article. Then let’s discuss the matter below without waiting.

#Details about software:

Mobiletrans – Whatsapp transfer & Wutsapper:

We like to take something free if it is free for some savings in the price market. If any such software is available, then there are many benefits for our work. These applications are quite useful for file transfer in WhatsApp. Because firstly they are completely free software and secondly they are easy to use. You can download them through any medium you want. If you have an iOS phone or Android phone, you can get it in the App Store or Google Play Store. Wutsapper is available for Android in the Google Play Store.

If you have a computer operating system Windows or Mac, you can use them. The software is capable of WhatsApp file transfer as well as file backup and restore. You can also do this on Android and iPhone.

How they work:

We can’t use any new software without knowing the details about them. We may make a mistake while using it. That’s why you should always know about them in the right way.

This software is a kind of tool to backup and restores various files of WhatsApp. The methods of file backup and restoration from these are discussed below.

1. Install the application on your phone or computer. You can install it on Windows or Mac at your convenience.

2. Turn on the application by connecting your phone to the computer.

3. After connecting the phone then click on Backup WhatsApp messages. Your phone’s WhatsApp messages and attachments will be automatically detected.

4. For iPhone, click on the start button and the rest of the process software will do it automatically. After clicking the start button for the Android device, click on the chat option. Then select Chat Backup and select Google Drive with your mail-id and click on the backup option. Then all your WhatsApp files will be backed up.

Restore WhatsApp files:

1. You need to restore the backed-up file to transfer the WhatsApp file to your phone.

2. For this, you can open WhatsApp from your phone and select from storage.

3. You can also take a backup of your WhatsApp by selecting Google Drive for Android phones.

4. Open the application to backup through software. Connect your device to a computer.

5. Then select Restore to Device. The application will display a popup option of By default backup.

6. The WhatsApp backup file stored on your device will be selected automatically. Then click on the Start option and wait until the process is complete.

Transfer WhatsApp files from Android device to iPhone via Wutsapper:

1. You will need a data cable for this. One end of which has to be connected to the iPhone and the other has to be connected to the Android device with OTG.

2. Open the app on an Android phone and click on the start option. Before that, keep a backup of WhatsApp on the phone. The method of taking backup has been discussed above. Then verify the number that has WhatsApp in the app. Once verified, the app will start backing up automatically.

3. Now you need to allow permissions from the settings for file transfer to iPhone. Remember to open WhatsApp on your iPhone with another phone number.

4. Then if you click the Next button from the Android phone, all your WhatsApp files will be transferred to another iPhone.


Use the above-mentioned applications and software to transfer your WhatsApp files for free. We hope you enjoy the extension.