Humans are advanced creatures. The most attractive brainpower of creation is a man. As a result, people today have reached the pinnacle of technological advancement. Today, people in any part of the world can talk to each other through the Internet. And by relying on this internet technology, people are becoming more and more interested and active through social media.

We communicate with each other through popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram. Of all these applications, WhatsApp is now the most popular for its ease of use. If you have an iPhone then you can transfer whatsapp from iphone to android and on the other hand, if you have an android phone then you can transfer whatsapp from android to iphone as well.

Both of these two things are just amazing in their own ways and provide you with all the results that they are wanting. Then this very will be about two software, through which people at this present time can easily transfer each of the files with the help of WhatsApp. Besides that, if you want to know how to transfer whatsapp file phone to phone freely then you will have your all answer as well.

Here in this particular context, we would like you all to introduce two amazing software that all Smartphone users can use to transfer files. The names of this software are Mobiletrans – Whatsapp transfer and Wutsapper.

Here this whole article will be about this software and how it exactly works to transfer files easily. Therefore just be with us to know more about this software and its services as well. With the help of this short article, every one of you will get all your questions answered and besides that, you all can use this software too.

A Short Detail About   Mobiletrans – Whatsapp Transfer And Wutsapper

If you are searching for the best software through which you can transfer your all important files and documents through WhatsApp then you are at the right place. Right now there are different types of software available in the market and people are using them rapidly too.

However, if you want to transfer all your files and documents safely then we would like to suggest you download the Wutsapper app from your phone. If you have an iPhone then you can download it from the app store or if you are using an android phone then you can simply get this app from the Google play store.

After downloading this app, your transferring processes will be safe and secure and every one of you who will use this app will easily transfer each of the things with the help of this amazing app.

How Does The Software Work?

Now, here in this section, we will help you all how this software actually works on different devices. If you want to know all the steps then give your all attention to the below section.

One can use the wrong processes to transfer the files from phone to phone or from Whatsapp to another place. Hence, this is a complete guide for them.

  1. First, go to the play store to download the app. Even one can download them on their computers as well. Whether you use a Windows or Mac, any of you can use the app easily.
  2. After that, turn on the app and then connect with your mobile device.
  3. Later on you will have to click on backup whatsapp messages. This app will automatically detach all your phone’s files and documents as well.
  4. If you are using an iphone then you will just have to click on start option and after that the rest of the processes will do this software automatically.

How To Restore Whatsapp Files?

Now here we will share those steps through which each one of you can transfer the files through this app. Let us check out those steps as well.

  1. First, restore all your files to transfer it from whatsapp to another phone.
  2. Then open the whatsapp and secret your storage option.
  3. Next you can take a backup from your android phone and select Google drive for the android users.
  4. Later connect with the computer and this software to transfer files.
  5. A popup will come out and the rest of the work will work automatically.

Transfer Whatsapp Files From Android Phone To Iphone Via Wutsapper

  1. Take a data cable and come one part of it with an iphone and another one is with an android device.
  2. Open the particular app from your android phone and click on start option.
  3. Next allow all the permissions that it asks you to.
  4. Lastly, you will have to click on the next button and the whole work will proceed automatically.


Therefore, here is the complete guide for all of you through which you can transfer your Whatsapp files with the help of this amazing software.

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