The days are gone when you only had to go to the cinema to watch a movie. Now most movies are available from your smartphone screen. But if you want to watch movies on your Apple you need special programs. There is a large selection of video-watching apps on the market. Consider the most popular applications and check their features.

Your iPhone has a video burner installed called Bugeo. The default player may be enough to watch your personal videos, but if you plan to watch locally saved movies and TV shows, then you will need something with additional features. Saving videos is a convenient option. But how do you do it on Mac? Please check the detailed guide. Find how to save iMovie on Mac or to a removable drive to make sure you can pick up where you left off by editing your video at any time.

1. VLC:

It is the most affordable video player not only for iPhones but also for MAC devices.


  • The ability to download for free on all Apple devices
  • The ability to rewind movies, and videos while watching them
  • The function of launching audio tracks
  • Automatically save the moment of viewing if the movie is not fully inspected. This allows the user to continue browsing from the same point the next time
  • The ability to set different speeds while watching movies


  • A confusing interface that requires a preliminary investigation
  • The possibility of failures, freezes, errors, and crashes of the application in the process of its operation
  • On older versions of the iPhone, the application may not start or will only work in window mode

A common and free player that performs well the functions of watching various videos, movies, and TV shows. However, the interface of the program should be improved.

2. KMPlayer:

This application is able to play almost any video, even one that was developed by the iPhone user himself


  • The ability to download a full-fledged free version from the App Store
  • Interesting interface design, simplicity, and ease of use
  • Support all types of video playback formats
  • Large library of content, the ability to add your own projects


  • The presence of a large number of ads while watching video compositions
  • The possibility of errors in the playback of some formats
  • Does not work on iPhones below the fourth version
  • It does not function well on devices that have a small amount of RAM
  • The application, capable of playing various movies, and video content, has a simple interface and the ability to download for free. KMPlayer can definitely be recommended for download

3. NPlayer:

One of the best applications for watching video content on iPhone. It has many functions, settings, modes of operation


  • There is a function of customizable parental control. It is disabled in the Touch ID tab
  • Before downloading a video, movie, or TV series, the user is shown a cover by which he can understand whether he needs to download this material or not
  • Huge functionality in comparison with the previously discussed programs of this purpose
  • There is a demo version of the software


  • The application is paid
  • The possibility of errors when playing audio format files
  • Rare release of updates. The developers of the application practically do not release updates for it
  • On some iPhones, the program works only in window mode

You have already learned how to save videos. You know the advantages and disadvantages of popular video players. Make the best choice for your Apple device. Use the options of your Apple at full capacity.