HONOR looks to far extend the edges of the average range phone market with its most recent phone, the HONOR 90. If you are going to buy HONOR 90, you should know about the below features of HONOR 90. So, you will be able to enjoy the phone fully.

Features of HONOR 90:

Here are the features of HONOR 90 you should know about.

Design and Display:

  • 6.7-in screen OLED
  • 3840Hz PWM dimming that is more comfortable on the eyes
  • Really shiny and gentle to read outside

Its main feature to be noted is its beautiful, impressive, and shiny 6.7-inch 2664×1200 OLED screen display. It is clear from the instant you turn on the HONOR that this is where the absolute majority of the device budget has been endowed, and it is easily among the most beneficial screens you will discover on the phone at this cost point.

With the power to attain 1600 nits of apex brightness level, not just is the HONOR’s screen display comfortable to look at outside, simply it as well bundles acute colors that create it well accommodated for screening content on the go. 

The screen display arches a lot of aggressively at the corners than it set on the other devices, which can be a matter with a few apps as it some of the times break up the odd picture or piece of information (though this was an uncommon occurrence, avowedly). 

What is amazing, though, the screen-to-body ratio is 93.3% cheers to the incredibly least bezels that create the screen display find, almost totally end to end, especially as it cuts ever so somewhat over the borders.

Camera Adjustment:

  • 200MP primary broad sensor
  • 12MP ultra-wide and 2MP depth detector
  • 40MP front camera

Well, the main upgrade in this device is the camera of HONOR 90. The brand-new 200MP primary sensor is a boastful ascent on the 58MP similitude found on the other device, although the ultra-wide photographic camera has been bumped to a 12MP detector, although the 2MP depth photographic camera stays unchanged from the previous year. These boasted pixels the camera from 200 MP is for to make bright clicks with bundled colors.


  • CPU Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 ‘Fast  Edition’ 
  • MagicOS makes the HONOR 90 strong
  • Strong gaming functioning

As with whatever device in the average range category, there is all of the time one component is cut short so that to fulfill the low-cost price point that the sphere demands, even the performance of the HONOR 90 is so trigged up.

As a whole, the HONOR bundles the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Fast Edition, which is alleged to be an over-clocked edition of the past chipset.

Battery Life:

  • Advanced 5000mAh cell
  • 65W cabled fast charging
  • Cable free charging

HONOR 90 bears the massive 5000mAh cell, which leads to extended life and drawn-out usage. This has led to a few great battery functioning that is sure to delight anyone who picks the device up for themselves.

Why should you buy HONOR 90?

You utilize your device for entertainment: the HONOR bears a beautiful display and durable battery life, creating it complete for streaming content and a zealous gaming feel.

Final Thoughts:

After outlay a lot of weeks with the device, you will surely be impressed with HONOR 90. Buy HONOR at the best price and viewing experience on the go. You can enjoy the features at such a low price that you never expect from any device with having such features in hand. Buy HONOR 90 and enjoy the best out of it.