Creating a custom trade show display is paramount to the success of the event that you attend. Companies invest a lot of time and money into trade show displays because they produce an incredible return when structured properly. Some companies attempt to avoid custom displays because they do tend to cost a little more, but appropriately designed, they also produce a bigger return. 

The smartest businesses embrace the idea of a custom trade show display. It is designed specifically for their brand and the product or service they intend to offer at the show. A custom display can attract qualified leads and make your product or service more attractive to help convert those leads into paying customers. The right booth, designed appropriately, can increase brand recognition and revenue at the same time. Here are some unique ideas for a custom trade show display.

Social Media Wall:

Social media is insanely popular these days. Incorporating a social media wall into your exhibit is a fabulous way to attract attention. Use it to display a live feed of all social media mentions of your brand. It gives attendees a chance to see what other people think of your company and your exhibit while giving them immediate gratification. 

Studies at retail locations showed that installing a social media wall increased the amount of time people spent in stores by 30 percent or more. This same logic applies to trade show booths. A social media wall not only attracts attendees but can help increase the amount of time they spend at your booth.  

3D Technology:

3D technology, like virtual and augmented reality, offers several advantages. It attracts attendees while giving them the opportunity to experience your product or service in great detail. Guests will spend more time at your booth and give your product or service more consideration. 

This technology can offer unique design opportunities that attract a lot of attention. Experiences are more memorable than simple displays. When people experience your product or service in detail, they are more likely to convert into paying customers. 

Incorporate Seating and Charging Stations:

Incorporating seating and charging stations into your booth display gives guests a place to rest and recharge their devices. Trade shows are held in massive facilities with hundreds of companies on display. It can often take more than a single day for visitors to get through the entire facility. Offering charging stations and comfortable seating allows guests to relax and charge their devices as they view your display.

Interactive Flooring:

Interactive flooring is a great way to lead visitors to your trade show booth. Remember that big piano mat in the Tom Hanks movie? People can’t help but play with interactive flooring. If it lights up or plays music, use it. Try creating a road or path that leads directly to your booth. You won’t believe the influx of guests who follow it and stay to view your display. 

Avoid Straight Lines:

This seems like a simple notion, but when creating your custom trade show display, you should avoid straight lines. Whether you are displaying pamphlets, products, or something else, try fanning them out or displaying them without creating straight lines. While straight lines are clean and attractive, guests will often avoid touching them for fear of messing up the display. 

Design Your Custom Trade Show Display Today:

A custom trade show display can help attract attention and spread brand recognition for your company. It can increase the number of qualified leads who approach your booth and experience your product or service for the first time. Design your custom display and lay it out ahead of time to ensure a smooth experience on trade show day.

Pay attention to details like power outlets and the overhead space above your booth. Take every opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience for guests who may ultimately become paying customers.