Are you looking for a place to spend your holidays? You are at the right place. Here we will help you find a perfect place that has many significance and richness. An anheihe is a place that is equipped with rich history and natural beauty. It is a place where you can feel peace and happiness. 

There are various things that you should know about this place. For decades, this place has remained untouched by the visitors. But today, it has started to attract many new visitors and explorers. Here we will discuss why this place is a good option for you to visit and explore. 

Anheihe overview:

Anheihe is a beautiful hill village immersed in the beauty of nature. Its brimming richness and vibe are extraordinary. This old settlement is located in China’s highlands. It offers great sights to the visitors as it has a gorgeous environment. Green peaks of this place shine in the sky and the river meanders through the valley below it. Anheihe is a resemblance to imperial China and it shows the traditional Chinese culture and deities. 

What Is The History Of Anheihe? 

Anheihe has a rich history that extends back to the 12th century when the Jin Dynasty was established. As per the archaeological finds, it is said that there was the presence of the Tang Dynasty too. This confirms that this place was known for its trade and cultural centres. 

Furthermore, its location is also signified by strategic management, as it was built near the banks of the Amur River. And we know that the Amur River shares its border with different towns, which makes it best for trade. Since we see major events like the signing of the Treaty of Aigun 1858, it led to the emergence of one of the most powerful dynasties, i.e., the Qing Dynasty. 

The natural landscape of Anheihe:

Anheihe is a wonderful land located in southern China’s high ground in the hilly Guangxi province. It has a significant natural landscape that you must explore: 

1. Majestic waterfall:

Anheihe involves 20 waterfalls that give you a unique experience. Many of those waterfalls are located in wonderful places like Anheihe National Park. One of the most impressive waterfalls is Huangguoshu waterfall which is the biggest waterfall in China. In such waterfalls, there are paved walkways at the sides, you can go to the bottom of the waterfall and watch the thunder of the water. Moreover, just a few hour trip will lead you towards the Detian Falls near the Vietnamese border. 

2. Wonderful rice terrace:

The longsheng rice terraces are just a few hours away from Anheihe. You can visit this wonderful place and watch the view of green stairs surrounding mountains at the sides. Its peak has nine dragons and five tigers that provide the best views. To get the perfect look at winding trails, you can go to the terraces there and see how the farmers are working for their livelihood. 

3. Vibrant ethnic village: 

The local culture of this ethnic village is filled with traditional Zhuang and Yao communities. You can experience such traditions here and admire the handcrafted wooden buildings when roaming and shopping around the village. This small anheihe village is rich in handicrafts. 

The Dong village has a massive drum tower which alerts the villagers in certain situations. The ethnic food items are no escape here, you will have the opportunity to explore its traditional sticky rice, rice wine, and chilli peppers. 

How Is Anheihe An Example Of A Changed City? 

Anheihe City is a mixture of both old and contemporary energy. The city offers a striking contrast between the ancient and contemporary world to the visitors. The ancient temples here give you a reminder of the city. The ancient temples like the Yaksha temple are a good example of ancient temples which are a reminder of the ancient history of this Chinese place. 

In contrast, it has skyscrapers and ruling commercial districts that show the present trade energy of the place. This way, anheihe demonstrates its capabilities of having a changed city and is a blend of both ancient and contemporary worlds. 

What Are Famous Culinary Delights Of Anheihe? 

The food culture of Anheihe is a perfect blend of new and old flavours. Visitors who come to explore the place often end up having their favourite food here. The flavours and texture of this place are not ordinary. The real Hazen food with fresh fish and finely chopped veggies are some of its real foods. 

These sample foods provide an enriching experience to the visitor’s taste and without any doubt, anheihe satisfies the cuisine preference of the audience. Moreover, the best flavours of Manchu cuisine are a famous dish here And everyone loves it on any special occasion or spiritual ceremonies. 

Are There Any Municipal Limits In Anheihe? 

The natural beauty of Anheihe attracts both explorers and nature lovers. The municipality has limits for the explorers and nature lovers to experience the view of this place. Heilongjiang River is another famous river which offers boat excursions and fishing to you. Jingkai Lake and Udalianchi volcanic team offer hiking facilities too without any limits. 

Best Things You Can Do In Anheihe:

Anheihe has a long ancient history and its culture, food, and sites are best to explore. Some of the main sights and activities you can see and do are as follows: 

1. Explore the Anheihe ruins:

The primary attraction of the place is the long-lost ruins of Anheihe. There are many remnants of a medieval walled city that shows the long history of this place. The destroyed city walls and 4 gates along with the ruins of Han Dynasty temples, homes, and many more are the ruins of Anheihe. 

2. Investigate museums: 

Today, there are more than 200,000 artefacts present in the Anhei’s museum. Those are the replications of lost heritage and civilization. The Han Dynasty collections like swords, antique coins and stuffed hunted animals are some major highlights here. When you visit these museums, you will have a tranquil feeling as it is surrounded by parks and is in the middle of the city. 

3. Go for sightseeing:

There are wondrous places to go for sightseeing. River rides, safari, trekking and sunset from hills are some of the best ways. You can glide to these historic sights and enjoy the day with an elegant food facility. 

4. Visit Anheihe market:

Anheihe market comes with lots of handicrafts, silk, lacquers, and jades. People majorly shop here at night as its night market has a variety of collections with hundreds of merchants. The food here is amazing and you can get your favourite foods like noodles, BBQ squares, rice, and jiangkai. 

The Bottom Line: 

Now you know how anheihe is filled with beauty and mystery. The lost beauty is again relived and its historical significance is again restored in the hearts of people. The gorgeous mountains, rivers, lakes, and environment make this place far more exciting than expected. While visiting these places, you will meet many storytellers and hear various folktales about the places. 

Q1. What is the best time to visit Anheihe? 

Ans. Anheihe has four seasons and summer is the only season which offers good temperatures and holds various city festivals. By visiting in the spring season, you will experience the natural beauty of the place. 

Q2. What things to do in Anheihe? 

Ans. You can go sightseeing since the place has various natural sites. Moreover, you can explore the ancient ruins of the lost dynasties. Go for a walk to the 8km circuit of city walls and relive the history of the place. Visit markets and experience delicious foods of anheihe.

Q3. What is the rich history of Anheihe?

Ans. Anheihe was a place of various powerful dynasties like the Jin Dynasty in the 12th century. Archaeologists find various remnants of the Tang Dynasty and confirm that the particular region has historical significance for trading and culture.

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