In crypto, the exchange you utilize is essential for successful investing. However, not all crypto exchanges are created equally, and there are some essential characteristics to look for when comparing your options for exchanges. FTX Platform is a relatively new crypto exchange but is already one of the most popular and competitive platforms available. 

FTX is a sophisticated crypto exchange that offers traders a variety of benefits to make their trading experience better than ever before. Here are five unique features that set FTX apart from other exchanges:

The FTX Mobile App:

The FTX app allows you to trade on the go. With its features, such as a charting package and order placement, it’s like having your trading terminal in your pocket. You can download the app free from Google Play or the Apple App Store by searching “FTX” in either of these stores. The FTX Mobile App offers several advantages over the web application, including:

  • Charting package – The FTX Mobile App includes a complete 24-hour candlestick charting package with 15 different technical indicators that provide customizable alerts, so you know when price action is taking place on any given security you choose to track.
  • Order placement – The FTX Mobile App allows limit and market orders to be placed on supported securities through normal channels (limit orders) or by clicking directly on price bars within charts using touch screen devices (market orders).

Real-time news – 

The FTX Mobile App includes real-time streaming market news that is updated throughout the trading day. This feature lets you stay updated on current events affecting your investments to make informed decisions.

Order details – 

The FTX Mobile App includes detailed information about orders, including order status, profit and loss, and trade history.

Exchange interoperability- 

Through the FTX app, you can import your portfolios from other exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance, and access your entire crypto portfolio from a single platform. FTX allows users a more accessible and user-friendly way to manage their crypto across exchanges.

Multiple Order Types:

The FTX platform offers a wide range of order types to help you trade the markets in the way that best suits your strategy. These include:

  • Buy/sell limit orders, which let you set up price points where an order will be executed at or better than
  • Buy/sell stop orders, which can be used to exit a trade (and close out any open positions) when certain conditions are met
  • Buy/sell market orders, where trade is completed immediately after being placed, without regard for price or size
  • Buy/sell iceberg orders allow you to specify how much money should be spent on each side of the order; these are typically large orders.
  • If both sides of an order are filled at different prices, it becomes a buy/sell OCO (one cancels the other) order; if all sides of an OCO fill at once, then it becomes an OCA (one cancels all).

Interoperability with Other Popular Exchanges:

The FTX platform is an exchange, but it’s also a wallet. You can use the FTX platform to deposit funds and withdraw them from other popular exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, and KuCoin. This will allow you to trade with those exchanges without transferring your funds back and forth between wallets on different platforms.

FTX is also working on integrating decentralized exchanges (DEX) into its platform so that users can access DEXs directly from their accounts to make trades or withdraw/deposit funds into trading wallets.

Futures, Options, Leverage Trading:

Financial derivatives are specialized, structured contracts that have value based on underlying assets. Most commonly, these are stocks or commodities. Examples of financial derivatives include:

  • Futures (also called forward contracts)
  • Options

You can trade futures and options on the FTX platform. Futures are standardized contracts that allow you to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price at a later date. They’re used primarily for hedging risk, but they also offer opportunities for speculative trading when used correctly.

Options provide buyers with the right but not the obligation to purchase an asset at some time in the future for a specific price (the “strike” price). Options give traders leverage because they allow you to make more money with less capital than you would through buying actual tokens directly from an exchange.

Stake Crypto Tokens and NFTs on the FTX App and Desktop Platforms:

You can Stake your crypto tokens and NFTs on the FTX app and platform. You will earn a percentage of the trading fees for doing so. Staking works only through a proof-of-stake blockchain model, which allows stakeholders to act as nodes within the blockchain network. 

These nodes are randomly selected to verify transactions each epoch but require coins to be staked as collateral in case the node operator fails to verify transactions. As long as your node operator reliably verifies transactions, every stakeholder in the pool will receive passive rewards for simply holding their coins or NFTs.

There are many more benefits to utilizing the FTX platform and mobile app. If you’re not sure where to begin on your crypto journey, check out the FTX knowledge base to learn more about how to launch your digital portfolio.