Biriyani is a timeless meal that requires no explanation. Despite the fact that the Mughals introduced this delicacy, it is loved by people all over the world. In fact, the trend says you can buy biryani masala online to prepare Biryani recipes and make it your favourite at home. It is stated that Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Old Delhi have always had the best Biriyani giants, but Kolkata has now earned the title of “Biriyani Lovers” because the residents of Kolkata not only gorge on this delicacy in restaurants but also enjoy experimenting with gorgeous biriyani recipes at home.

Collection of the most popular Biryani recipes in India.

Hyderabadi Biryani

One of the most well-known biryani recipes, it has already won the hearts of many thanks to its half-boiled rice covered with fried onions, mint, and plenty of meat, all prepared in the dum style. It’s eaten with potatoes and a lot of meat at parties and other special events.

Keema Biryani

Roopakspices, such as keema masala and other high-quality spices, make keema biryani a lot more “desired” recipe. It’s made using well-cooked rice, meats, and rose water. The rose water gives it a beautiful perfume that everyone enjoys. Because of the large rand, it’s simple to make.

Awadhi mutton biryani

Because it is a Royal style, Awadhi mutton biryani is one of the most classic varieties of biryani. The mutton pieces are cooked in a regal manner, and the rice is prepared to perfection. The mutton is marinated and then cooked with a variety of spices from Roopak and other well-known roasted spice brands, but the best brand to trust is Roopak, which has ruled the spice market for centuries. Awadhi biriyani is typically quite hot. The dishes of Awadhi biriyani placed up on the dinner table will look stunning.

Chicken reshmi biryani

Roopak spices provide you with a blast of delicious biryani flavours, including this exceptional flavour that is traditionally eaten during the Eid celebration. It mostly comprises meat pieces and flavoured rice, which emits a delightful aroma of the finest spices.

Calicut chicken biryani is a chicken and rice dish with a flavour from the southern Indian state of Calicut. It would capture people’s hearts and minds.

Murghkikachchi biryani

This is something that every chicken lover should try. Every biryani lover will enjoy marinated chunks of raw chicken with lip-smacking spices from Roopak, which is produced in a dum manner.

Chicken biryani with coconut milk has a fantastic flavour thanks to the spices and milk. The coconut milk is the star of the show, as it gives the meal a creamy appearance and adds flavour to your dinner party. The guests would undoubtedly inquire about the dish’s recipe.

Machhli biryani

 Is not only a Bengal speciality, but it’s also highly popular in other states. Fish biryani gives you a unique sensation since the aroma of cooked fish and rice enhances the dish’s richness and authenticity.

Malabar fish biryani

Here’s another fish biryani dish to captivate your heart. It’s timeless and appropriate for any occasion. The dish is incredibly flavorful, which sets it apart from other types of biryani. It is mostly consumed by the people of Malabar and is made using cashew nuts.

Handi biryani

It is the best biryani recipe, and it is highly popular due to the spices utilized. The milk, chicken, and veggies in the dish give it a traditional flavour. It’s served in a spherical vessel, and the hue, which is bright and spicy, is likely to melt your heart.